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Second Grade Blog

June 9 – What a Year!

Congratulations to our second graders on finishing the school year! It was a bittersweet last few weeks of school and we soaked up our joyful time together before summer break. The students reflected on their growth academically, socially and emotionally since the school year started. It’s hard to believe that that was ten months ago! As cliche as it sounds, time does fly when you are having fun. The kids spent thoughtful time looking back at work and sharing how they have changed as readers, writers, scientists, mathematicians, artists – the list goes on and on! They revisited their hopes...
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2nd Grade Blog 5/25

Writing During Writer’s Workshop the kids wrote special I Am poems. They also drew  self portraits that shows their uniqueness to accompany the writing. We hope that you enjoyed reading them at the Chumash ceremony! Reading In reading our groups have been busy doing different activities. One group wrote and is performing a student written play based on Junie B. Jones. Another group is learning to summarize a text and put it into writing. Math In math class we wrapped up the unit on time and money. The students practiced solving some more sophisticated multi-step problems that used skills that...
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5/12 – Second Grade Blog

Writing We launched our spring poetry unit this week! The students are learning how to see through a poet’s lense while making observations about objects in their everyday lives. They are working both inside and outside of the classroom in order to notice all different types of things – pencils, flowers, and even objects like the gate around the yard! Reading The second graders are reviewing long vowel sounds and their spelling rules. They are compiling and sorting long a words as they can be spelled in a variety of ways including: vowel consonant vowel a-e, vowel team ai, ending...
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4/18 – Second Grade Blog

Writers Workshop The second graders are working on studying sentences. They learned what a subject and predicate is and practiced identifying them in sentences. Then they worked collaboratively in sorting  fragments and sentences. They are now able to explain if a fragment is missing the “who” or the “what”. Reading The students learned about the soft and hard sounds of c and g. The rule is that when a silent E follows c or g at the end of a word, the consonants make a soft sound. They then read passages and found words that follow this rule. They found...
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3/20 Second Grade Blog

Writers Workshop The second graders are once again published authors! The students celebrated with the kindergarten by reading their expert books to them. Then the kindergarteners read their stories to us! Reading In reading the students have been dissecting words and practicing reading multisyllabic words using different strategies. We tackle long words part by part by: working methodically from beginning to end, breaking the consonants in the middle, keeping digraphs together, breaking off endings, break before the consonant -le and checking all the parts! Math We continue to work on our multiplication unit. The past two weeks we focused on...
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3/1 Second Grade Blog

Writers Workshop Our writers have been busy adding lots of information to their expert books! They learned what a glossary is, how to use one and how to make their own. Then they added them to their expert books in alphabetical order while using the dictionary for the definitions! Reading We have been learning about singular and plural nouns. The students learned the rules: when the word has a vowel (a,e,i,o,u) before the letter y, you add the letters s and when the word has a consonant(b,c,d etc) before the letter y you remove the y and replace it with...
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2/10 Second Grade Blog

Reading We learned about contractions! What contractions are, why they are used, how to make them and how to read them. We are also noticing words that have powerful patterns and how we use them to read fluently. For example, if you can read the word night then you can read the work flight or sight in a snap! Math The second graders just finished a unit on weight focusing on grams and kilograms. We also compared objects and noticed when the scale it is even on both sides. We are now moving into a math second book! We will...
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Writing: Writer’s Workshop: The past two weeks have been busy! We launched a new unit in Writer’s Workshop on Informational writing and creating expert books. The students started by listing topics they know a lot about such as gymnastics, cats, baseball, soccer, pets etc. Then the students chose one topic from their list and wrote an introduction to hook and interest their audience. Our next steps include adding chapters with details where they can teach and share their expertise with an audience. Stay tuned… During word work, the students learned  how to use a dictionary. They practiced looking for words...
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Happy new year! It’s been great being back with the children in the classroom. Since our return from vacation we have been learning about the Civil Rights Movement and people who were instrumental in it during this time. We have been busy reading books  about Dr. Martin Luther King Jr., Rosa Parks, and Ruby Bridges and discussing how they were changemakers. The students have engaged in many rich conversations about how Dr. Martin Luther King Jr. Rosa Parks, and Ruby Bridge were instrumental key figures in the movement. They have also been learning and discussing a bit of the historical...
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