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Vision, Mission & Values

החזון שלנו

Our Vision:

We envision a world shaped by Senesh alumni who lead with a strong sense of self, a connection to community, and a commitment to doing good in the world. 

Our Mission:

Rooted in Jewish values and wisdom, we foster a love of learning guided by intellectual curiosity and social responsibility in a vibrant and inclusive K-8 independent school community. 

Our Values: 

Our values, which are deeply rooted in Jewish teachings, guide us in all that we do at Senesh.

Kindness – Chesed – חסד

We treat each other with respect and strive to demonstrate compassion and empathy.

Openness – Elu v’Elu – אלו ואלו

We seek to understand and welcome diverse ideas and perspectives.

Belonging – Shayachut – שייכות

We create a culture that honors the dignity and self worth of each person.

Responsibility – Areivut – ערבות

We support the well-being of others in our community and the world around us.

Perseverance – Hatmadah – התמדה

We approach learning as a continuous journey and persist through challenges.