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Here are some of the things parents love about Senesh:

Our son started Kindergarten this year and we are very pleased. It has been just over two months since the beginning of the school year and we already feel the strong sense of the Senesh community, which was one of the main factors in our decision to send our son to Senesh. He already has many new friends, loves his teachers and is genuinely excited to go to school every morning. On top of that, we have met other parents from the school and made new friends of our own. We really look forward to the rest of year in Senesh.
-Irit, Senesh Parent

Both my girls go to Hannah Senesh and I can honestly say it was probably the best decision we have ever made in regard to their education. Kids are encouraged to succeed academically without compromising their individuality and are a part of an amazing community. They both enjoy going to school and why wouldn’t they? – It is a very nurturing, warm, safe and supporting environment in which they thrive!
-Paulie, Senesh Parent

Both our girls go to Hannah Senesh (K &1st grade) and we love it! As an Israeli family that has recently moved to NYC, we found a warm “home away from home” at Senesh, with a rich curriculum, true bilingual studies and a community that embraces and supports through any transition. We feel very lucky to have found this school.
-Sharon, Senesh Parent 

My daughter started 5th grade this Fall at Senesh and seems really happy. The transition has been easy and the teachers and faculty have been super responsive. The curriculum is challenging and it’s a very warm, loving environment. The small-sized classes provide a lot of individual instruction. So far, we’re having a good middle-school experience.
-Vanessa, Senesh Parent

Senesh has been just we we were looking for in a progressive Jewish day school – a welcoming and inclusive community, strong parent involvement, caring teachers, a place where our daughter is challenged to learn, but also comfortable to explore her interests. Relationships from Jewish camps and Jewish day school that I have maintained for so many years keep me grounded.  I’m so happy to see my daughter beginning to form these strong relationships at Senesh.
-Noam, Senesh Parent

Exceptional, warm, loving, caring, and above and beyond our expectations! Like many NYC parents, we researched carefully all of our options. We were in search for an environment with strong academic proven program, a warm caring environment with developmental support on site as needed. It became very evident to us from the first time we talked to existing parents, and when we first met the faculty and school administration, that Senesh would be our preferred choice. I can say that we have made the right choice, our child is thriving, growing and going with a smile and confidence to school everyday day.
-Doron, Senesh Parent