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February 10, 2023

Kindergarten Blog 2/10

Dear Kindergarten Families, Today was the 92nd day of school. Kindergartners have been excitedly counting down the days to the 100th day of school, which is only eight school days away! In Hebrew we are currently reading the book Chanan HaGanan חנן הגנן (Chanan the Gardener), which outlines the different types of fruit and groups them together by color. For example, oranges, apricots, and mangos are all sorted together by their orange color. When reading the book, the students learned the verb “ohev/ohevet,” which means like. The students can now say “ani ohev tapoozim,”- אני אוהב\אוהבת תפוזים which means “I...
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First Grade News

Hello Families,   In Hebrew, we learned how to use the question words mah? (what) and mi? (who) in our writing and speaking. We practiced how to ask questions and answer them using those words. We also learned how to write the letters hey and kuf in script.   In Tefila this week, we learned two new prayers from the Amidah. The first prayer is matzmiach keren yeshuah. We listened to Louis Armstrong’s song – “What a wonderful world” and made a list of all the wonderful things in the world (In Hebrew). We discuss what we can do to...
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2/10 Second Grade Blog

Reading We learned about contractions! What contractions are, why they are used, how to make them and how to read them. We are also noticing words that have powerful patterns and how we use them to read fluently. For example, if you can read the word night then you can read the work flight or sight in a snap! Math The second graders just finished a unit on weight focusing on grams and kilograms. We also compared objects and noticed when the scale it is even on both sides. We are now moving into a math second book! We will...
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