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Annette Powers

JTA: Supreme Court Justice Elena Kagan Talks About Jewish Upbringing

By Josefin Dolsten NEW YORK (JTA) — Supreme Court Justice Elena Kagan, appearing at a Jewish day school in Brooklyn, spoke about her Jewish background and how her family jumped from synagogue to synagogue. “I had a very strange Jewish upbringing actually,” Kagan, 58, told journalist Dahlia Lithwick, who moderated the Wednesday evening conversation. “You would think Lincoln Square Synagogue, she comes from a Modern Orthodox family. Actually my family didn’t really know what it was.” Read more…

Passover 5778 Dvar Torah

By Fifth and Sixth Grade Judaic Studies Teacher Laura Marder Dor V’Dor, דור ודור, usually translated as “Generation to Generation” is a common phrase heard at Passover seders and throughout the Jewish year. It is often defined as the idea that the older generation passes ideas, history, values, and traditions down to the younger generation. This phrase ran through my mind as I walked down Smith Street on March 14th with a group of middle school students to join the National School Walkout gathering at Boerum Hall. As I watched for cars while we crossed busy intersections, I realized that...
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National Student Walkout Press Coverage

Senesh was featured in several pieces about the National Student Walkout on March 14, 2018. Here is a roundup of press coverage: JTA Article with photo and quotes. Two CNN Pieces with a photo of a Senesh student: Student Walkout Best Signs and Student Walkouts  Cheddar TV interview featuring a Senesh student at 19 seconds Youth Radio video includes photos taken by a Senesh student And here’s a video about what Senesh middle school students experienced in school that day and during the walkout. Senesh Remembers Victims of School Violence/March 14, 2018 National School Walkout from Hannah Senesh on Vimeo.

Feb. 9: Persuading Our Audience

Dear Third Grade Families, What an amazing first week of February we had. The weather has become nippy again, but that can’t stop us from all of our learning! Writing We are working on how to write multiple paragraphs in a persuasive speech. We recognized that the work we’d been doing for the first two weeks of writing was actually just for our introduction! In persuasive writing, the paragraphs are broken down in the following way: Introduction A hook sentence to snap the audience into your speech A thesis statement about what your speech is about An important person or...
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Dear Family and Friends of Hannah Senesh, I hope you’ve all enjoyed the holiday season.  As some of you know, I have struggled with kidney disease for years and since the summer my kidneys have gotten worse. I have been extremely lucky to have had a swift admittance to the Renal Transplant Program at New York Presbyterian to undergo a kidney transplant. I’m also lucky that my brother Nelson will be my donor and we will undergo the kidney transplant together on January 24th.  I will be out of work for about three months. With just a few weeks to go, I wanted to...
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Middle School Testimonials

What’s Special about Middle School at Hannah Senesh? I’ve been at Senesh since Kindergarten and have noticed a really big change between Middle School and Lower School. In Middle School, you get to make your own choices and the teachers trust you to take care of yourselves. There are also so many great classes and trips that we get to take. The trips are all connected to what we’re learning about and related to our education. I’m excited to go on a trip to an urban farm in a few weeks and then to Israel in 8th grade! -Isaac Silverman,...
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A 5th Grader Plays in the 8th Grade Musical

By Leela Skolnick and Orly Abel As part of the Journalism and Social Media Chug November 14, 2017 Sylvie Lipskar will be the first fifth grader to play in the band for the Eighth grade musical. We spoke with Sylvie who said she is excited, but a little nervous about the possibility of messing up. Sylvie was initially in our Journalism and Social Media Chug, but then switched to the Orchestra Chug so that she could practice for this upcoming event. She will miss the Journalism Chug, but is very excited to be involved in the eighth grade musical. Sylvie...
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Parent/Teacher Conferences

by Ali Heffez and Ronit Nolte Written as part of the Journalism and Social Media Chug November 16, 2017 One of the hardest time for students is parent/teacher conferences. Many children get scared because they don’t know what their teachers will say to their parents. On the other hand, some children are very confident and happy when it comes to parent/teacher conferences because it’s a time for their parents to be proud of them. When we interviewed some students and teachers about parent/teacher conferences, we noticed that a few fifth graders think that parent/teacher conferences are fine. They feel that...
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