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April 18, 2023

Arrival in Israel!!

Hello Senesh and Senesh Families! Welcome to our first blog post of Hannah Senesh’s 8th grade 2023 Israel trip! It was a long two days of travel, and a hard day of being archeologists! Everyone was a good sport on little sleep. While we were archeologists at the ancient city of Maresha, we dug, sifted through rubble to find treasures, and uncovered pieces of pottery that hadn’t been touched in 2200 years—since the time of the Maccabees! We then crawled through the very narrow passageways of caves! We had to squeeze our bodies through small tunnels and winding paths. At...
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4/18 – Second Grade Blog

Writers Workshop The second graders are working on studying sentences. They learned what a subject and predicate is and practiced identifying them in sentences. Then they worked collaboratively in sorting  fragments and sentences. They are now able to explain if a fragment is missing the “who” or the “what”. Reading The students learned about the soft and hard sounds of c and g. The rule is that when a silent E follows c or g at the end of a word, the consonants make a soft sound. They then read passages and found words that follow this rule. They found...
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