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Tuition and Financial Aid

שכר הלימוד

Tuition Assistance at Hannah Senesh Community Day School

Aligned with Senesh’s commitment to inclusivity and our core values and mission, tuition assistance is available for students from Kindergarten through the 8th grade and is granted on the basis of need and is consistent with the school’s commitment to diversity.

As a Jewish community school, the cross spectrum of families interested in Senesh include families for whom tuition might be a barrier, and it is our mission to ensure access to a Jewish day school education , if possible. Currently 60% of Senesh students are recipients of tuition assistance. Admissions decisions and financial aid decisions are made independently. Due to limited funds, an acceptance by the admissions office does not guarantee an award even if need is demonstrated. The Financial Aid Committee makes decisions based on demonstrated need, the school’s commitment to diversity, and the availability of funds. The Financial Aid Committee keeps all financial information confidential. The amount of aid given to families ranges from partial to almost full tuition assistance, and families from a wide range of income levels have qualified based on individual family circumstances.

Families must apply for aid each year as renewal is not automatic or guaranteed. Preference is given to returning families through an earlier submission date. Every year there is more demand for aid than funds available, so it is critical for families to meet submission deadlines.

If a family demonstrates a consistent financial situation from year to year, their tuition assistance will remain consistent as well, with slight increases due to the increased costs of running a school.

Our school uses a combined analysis of the Tuition and Data Services (TADS) application, the current year’s federal income tax return, and supporting documentation to determine financial need. Every application for financial assistance is given individual attention and handled with confidentiality and we expect families to keep their tuition assistance packages confidential as well. Our Financial Aid Committee carefully reviews all materials as well as letters that individuals may opt to write to describe any unique circumstances.


Tuition for Kindergarten through 8th grade for the school year 2023-24 is $39,400

Additional Fees:

Materials and trip fees are added, which includes the cost of books, field trips and classroom material. There is an additional cost for overnight trips, which take place in the Middle School. In 2023-24, fees for materials and trips are:

  • Kindergarten-4th grade $550
  • 5th grade $1600
  • 6th grade $1850
  • 7th grade $1950
  • 8th grade $2600

There is a Scholarship Fund Gift of $1,000 per student. This is acknowledged as a charitable donation to the school.

Optional after school and lunch programs are not included in tuition fees and costs extra.

Tuition Payment Options

Plan A – A nonrefundable tuition deposit is returned to the school with the contract. The remaining balance is paid on May 1.

Plan B – A non refundable tuition deposit is returned to the school with the contract. 50% of what is owed after the deposit payment is due on May 1, the remaining 50% is due on November 1. The remaining payments are done through Smart Tuition.

Plan C – A non refundable tuition deposit is returned to the school with the contract. 10 equal payments which are each 10% of what is owed after the deposit is made are made through Smart Tuition from May 1 through February 1.

Payment plans are available. Further information will be provided to you during the enrollment process.

How to Apply for Tuition Assistance

The school utilizes the services of TADS to process Tuition Assistance or Financial Aid. Apply for Tuition Assistance by creating an account in TADS and clicking on Financial Aid Assessment. Applications for current Senesh families are due in early December. Tuition Assistance applications for new applicant families are due in early January. We will continue taking applications for families who apply late as long as funds are available.

Apply for Tuition Assistance by creating an account in TADS and clicking on Financial Aid Assessment

About Tuition and Data Services (TADS)

TADS evaluates a family’s contribution to tuition using factors such as income, cost of living, family size, home equity, liquid assets, business income, payments to retirement plans, discretionary spending, medical expenses, child support, housing, etc. If children are of school age and a parent/guardian does not work by choice, through TADS, the Financial Aid Committee considers their earning potential. The TADS formula also makes considerations for parents or guardians who are nearing retirement age, families who have young children, or parents/guardians or who are financially responsible for elderly family members. TADS accounts for siblings enrolled in tuition-charging schools.

All custodial and non-custodial parents are required to submit a TADS application. Financial circumstances of all parents are considered when determining a grant, whether parents are custodial parents or not.