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After School Enrichment Programs
Fall 2024 Schedule:

Thursday, September 5 – Friday, January 24, 2025

MONDAY – THURSDAY  3:30-5:00pm  
FRIDAY 2:30-4:00pm (1:30-3:00pm on early Shabbat dismissal)

MONDAY – THURSDAY 5:00-5:30pm Homework Room or Quiet Reading: $150/day for the semester

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All classes require a minimum number of students.
Fees are non-refundable.
No after school programming when school is closed.

Fall 2024 Semester


Kindergarten-5th Grade Martial Arts with Johnny Karate, Johnny Karate NYC, $625

Join a high energy and fun class with Sensei John, who encourages students to share his enthusiasm for the martial arts. Johnny Karate NYC is a proud partner of the Hyper Martial Arts system, which includes synchronized training and martial arts tricking. The class features a combination of multiple disciplines, including kickboxing, Brazilian jiu jitsu, and muay thai. Students will stay active and develop well-rounded athleticism, learn effective self-defense and conflict resolution skills, build confidence in every aspect of life, and master the foundations of martial arts and gymnastics.Students will have the opportunity to purchase a gi (uniform) for $25. There will be belt promotion at the end of the semester for an additional fee.

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Kindergarten – 2nd Grade Painting, Drawing, and Introduction to Fibers with Iviva Olenick, Lower School Art Teacher, $625

Students will explore and gain skills in drawing and watercolor painting, experiment with mixed media collage and learn basic hand-sewing and embroidery.  The instructor will help students hone skills with these media, and develop projects using the media.

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3rd – 5th Grade VR Design and Game-Making with Billy Schultz, Middle School Technology Teacher, $625

VR Design and Game-Making is an after-school program that will explore virtually reality design and game-making with CoSpaces.io. In this class, students will learn to design and build interactive VR worlds, gaining experience in coding, 3D modeling, and animation. The program offers students the chance to create VR environments individually or as part of a team. Along the way students will explore and celebrate their own and their classmates’ creations. By the end, they will have a solid foundation in VR technology and digital storytelling. 

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Kindergarten – 1st Grade Creative Movement with Tatiana Birenbaum, $625

Join this class where students will get in touch with their body awareness, rhythm, creative expression and storytelling through creative movement activities, games and simple choreography. Tatiana Birenbaum is an experienced dance, movement, and performing arts educator.

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1st – 3rd Grade Storybook Theater with Lower School Physical Education Teacher Anne Lilly, $625

Open call for princesses, mythical creatures, knights and villains in the Storybook workshop with Anne Lilly!  Students will read modern Fairy Tales and exciting children’s books with all sorts of magical themes.  We will then become a theatrical troupe of actors and act out a favorite story. Each actor will get to play the role that lights up their imagination the most. By using funny voices, exciting movement staging, and lines from the stories, young actors will become big Storybook stars!

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3rd – 5th Grade Mixed Media Exploration with Iviva Olenick, Lower School Art Teacher, $625

Students will experiment with and hone skills in fiber and paper crafts, paint and clay. Processes and materials will include weaving, sewing, knitting, quilting, drawing, collage, paper books, hand-building with clay plus acrylic, tempera and watercolor paint. 

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Kindergarten – 2nd Grade Just Play with Anne Lilly, Lower School Physical Education Teacher, $625

The heart and soul of childhood is play. “Just Play” is a joyful hour of group play for K-2 grade students based on what it is like when neighborhood children gather casually to play in a backyard after school. Children will be taught sports skills, classic group games that build social connections, and will be given options to play imaginatively or quietly in smaller groups. In addition, they will be given ownership over a democratic group decision-making process, where they select activities for each class from a growing list of options.

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3rd – 6th Musical Theater: Aladdin with Musical Director Tatiana Birenbaum, $625

We will rehearse and perform a production of Aladdin KIDS, an upbeat musical adventure filled with magic, mayhem and the power of love. This performance is sure to send audiences soaring on a flying carpet ride filled with adventure. If you are into acting, singing, or dancing, then make sure to take part in this exciting class. Tatiana Birenbaum is an experienced dance, movement, and performing arts educator. 

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6th – 8th Grade Portfolio Development for High School Applications- Drawing from Observation with Susan Hamburger, Middle School Art Teacher, $350

This fall, we are offering an after school portfolio development class to support the needs of students in grades 7-8 who are applying to specialized high schools. The class will focus on the core requirement of drawing from observation. Projects will use a range of materials and will include figure drawing, still-life, portraiture, landscape and architecture. Very dedicated 6th grade students are also welcome to join.

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Kindergarten – 2nd Grade Bound for Broadway: A Collaborative Musical Theatre Experience!with Mariel Blatt, $625

Let your kid access their creativity and connect with their inner future Broadway star with Miss Mariel at Bound for Broadway: A Collaborative Musical Theatre Experience! Through improvisational, ensemble-driven acting games, music, and dance, your child will gain confidence, practice working well with others, and ultimately have the opportunity to share their unique artistry with you. Allow your child to make bold, expressive choices in an environment that is both nurturing and challenging.

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2nd – 4th Grade Tinkercad with Billy Schultz Middle School Technology Teacher, $625

Tinkercad is an easy-to-use, web-based application for creating 3D designs, electronics, and coding projects. In this class, students will learn 3D modeling with a kid-friendly version of CAD (computer aided drafting). The class will enhance creativity, spatial awareness, and problem-solving abilities. Our design projects will foster collaboration, critical thinking, attention to detail, and familiarity with the design process. By the end, students gain a solid foundation in 3D design, a helpful introduction for further explorations in technology and engineering.

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Kindergarten – 4th Grade Strategy Games with Stephanie Gomez, $625

Join us for a fun afternoon of strategy games and an opportunity to work collaboratively to grow logic, deduction, memory, and critical thinking skills.

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1st – 3rd Grade AcroDance with Mariel Blatt, $625

Let your kids build strength and stamina all while having a blast at AcroDance after school! With the guidance, effective spotting, and progression-based teaching of their AcroDance-certified teacher, children will be taught how to safely do forward rolls, cartwheels, increase their flexibility, and more. Allow your kid to discover and surprise themself with abilities they never knew they had in a friendly, informed, and encouraging environment. Mariel can’t wait to meet your little future superstar AcroDancers!

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DEADLINE TO SIGN UP: Thursday, June 6, 2024

Practices will alternate between Senesh and the park. Practice at Senesh will end at 5pm. Practice in the park will end at 5:30pm. 


9/10 (park), 9/11 (park), 9/12 (gym), 9/17 (park), 9/18 (park), 9/19 (gym), 9/24 (park), 9/25 (park), 9/26 (gym), 10/7 (park), 10/8 (park), 10/14 (park), 10/16 (park), 10/21 (park), 10/22 (gym) 

*with an understanding some students cannot attend due to Sukkot celebrations on 10/21 and 10/22

GAMES: 9/30, 10/1, 10/10, 10/15, 10/28, 10/29


PRACTICE: 10/30, 11/5 (location TBD) 



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