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After School

After School Enrichment Programs
Spring 2023 Schedule:
Monday, January 30- Tuesday, June 13, 2023

MONDAY – THURSDAY  3:30-5:00pm  
FRIDAY 2:30-4:00pm (1:30-3:00pm on early Shabbat dismissal)

All classes require a minimum number of students.
Fees are non-refundable.
No after school when school is closed.

Spring Semester


Kindergarten-2nd Grade Just Play with Anne Lilly, Lower School Physical Education Teacher, $575

The heart and soul of childhood is play. “Just Play” is a joyful hour of group play for K-2 grade students based on what it is like when neighborhood children gather casually to play in a backyard after school. Children will be taught sports skills, classic group games that build social connections, and will be given options to play imaginatively or quietly in smaller groups. In addition, they will be given ownership over a democratic group decision-making process, where they select activities for each class from a growing list of options.

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2nd-5th Grade Textile Art with Iviva Olenick, Lower School Art Teacher, $575

Students will learn amazing textile skills such as how to weave with recycled fabrics and how to use plants to dye yarn for weaving and sewing. They will use their new skills to sew and stuff a small doll, pillow, or sculpture to keep.

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Kindergarten-2nd AcroDance with Mariel Blatt, $575

Let your kids build strength and stamina all while having a blast at AcroDance after school! With the guidance, effective spotting, and progression-based teaching of their AcroDance-certified teacher, children will be taught how to safely do forward rolls, cartwheels, increase their flexibility, and more. Allow your child to discover and surprise themself with abilities they never knew they had in a friendly, informed, and encouraging environment. Mariel can’t wait to meet your little future superstar AcroDancers!

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2nd-5th Earth Science with Anne Lilly, Lower School Physical Education Teacher, $575

Join Anne Lilly in a hands-on exploration of Earth Science! We will grow edible sprouts and study various plant structures and our earthworm soil-building community in the school compost bins. We will also learn about animal habitats such as what is needed to create a monarch waystation and pollinator corridors. Other subjects will be plate tectonics, winter weather, the ocean, and the stars! Each subject will correlate with a hands-on project for deeper investigation and fun engagement. Bring your curiosity!

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Kindergarten-8th Grade Tae Kwon Do with Pat Natoli, Mission Martial Arts Academy, $575

This traditional Tae Kwon Do class incorporates all of the fundamental parts, including basics, forms (kata), freestyle sparring, three-step sparring, agility exercises and bag work. Students will have the opportunity to purchase a gi (uniform) for $40, and sign up for a belt promotion at the end of the semester (additional fee).

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3rd-7th Grade Musical Theater with Stephanie Wells and Hilary Davis, Fourth Grade General Studies Teacher, $575

Join us as we rehearse and perform a production of Aristocats KIDS, a jazzy and upbeat musical based on the Disney animated movie. Laughs and adventures ensue as the greedy, bumbling butler pulls off the ultimate catnap caper, and a group of rag-tag alley-cats comes to save the day! If you are into acting, singing, or dancing, then make sure to take part in this exciting class.

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Kindergarten-2nd Grade Take the Stage: Theater Games and Short Plays with Emily Trantanella, $575

In this workshop, we’ll play theater games that help us become more creative, collaborative, and confident performers! We’ll use our new skills to dive into some short plays, which we’ll collaboratively stage to create movement-based performances. Our goals are to take healthy risks (it takes courage to go on stage!), to have fun, and to work together, because in theater (as in life) we make each other better.

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3rd-5th Net Sports! Pickle Ball and More with Anne Lilly, Lower School Physical Education Teacher, $575

Join Anne to play all manner of net sports in our gym. We will explore the popular game of Pickle Ball and add Tennis, Ping Pong, and Volleyball in rotation. We will work on building the racquet, fitness, and conceptual skills needed to progress in these sports with a positive relaxed approach to the social aspect of net sport play.

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Kindergarten-4th Grade Strategy Games with Atalya Sternoff, Senesh Alumna and Kindergarten Associate Teacher, $575

Join us for a fun afternoon of strategy games and an opportunity to work collaboratively to grow logic, deduction, memory, and critical thinking skills.

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