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Lower School Afterschool Enrichment Programs

Hannah Senesh offers a variety of afterschool programming for lower school students including Art, Code Camp, Strategy Games, Just Play (focus on physical activities), Science, Violin,Tae Kwon Do, Musical Theater, and more.

Spring 2019 Schedule: Monday, January 28 – Wednesday, June 12
*Note: No after school when school is closed and no after school on Monday, March 25 due to parent-teacher conferences

Monday-Thursday, 4-5:00pm; Friday 3-4:00pm (3:30-4 is free play and snack included in price)

Fees: All classes are $450 per class unless otherwise noted (same discount as currently offered)

Sibling Discount: There is a 5% sibling discount off your entire order if you are registering siblings.
Discount code: SIBLING

Five-Day Discount: A 5% discount off the entire order will also be given to any student who signs up for the afterschool program every day.
Discount Code: FIVE

All classes require a minimum number of students. Fees are non-refundable.

Please note that sign-up is for the entire semester and we are unable to accommodate drop-in students. For school vacations, and after school cancellations, visit the school calendar.

Afterschool Care 3:30-4:00pm: For lower school parents seeking childcare but are not enrolled in afterschool classes, Senesh will provide a monitored space for children. This program is for a semester-long class. Make-ups and switching days are not permitted. Please select the specific afternoon(s) you would like.

Fees: $125 for a single day Monday-Thursday for the entire semester.


NEW K-2 Just Play
Anne Lilly, Lower School Phys Ed teacher

Just Play focuses on physical activities for kids.  We’ll play ball games, tag games, and other classic kid favorites, plus use the climbing wall. Variety makes this program fun and helps kids to develop sports and social skills in a relaxed and safe setting.

2-4 ART
Iviva Olenick, Lower School Art teacher

In-depth, multi-week projects will encourage students to develop skills in a range of media for sculpture and 2-dimensional artwork, including observational drawing, painting, clay, paper mache,  sewing, embroidery, weaving, and additional processes and materials. Students will view artwork by contemporary and historical artists as inspiration for some of their projects.


Naum Goldenstein, 4th-8th grade Senesh Music teacher
Students will be engaged in different musical activities, including singing, movement, listening skills and playing on different Orff instruments. Students will explore different music genres and the work of different composers.

Julie Spiegel, Second and Third Grade Science teacher

Looking for eager scientists to join the Tuesday science club where we can discover the wonders of science together. Let’s predict what will happen as we do awesome experiments, make balms, bombs for the bath, nature crafts and more. In spring, let’s get our hands dirty with gardening.  And yes, this club will also include edible science activities!


Hilary Davis, Third Grade teacher

Join us for a fun afternoon of strategy games. An opportunity to work collaboratively and grow logic, deduction, memory skills, and critical thinking.

Includes Middle School 3-8 TAE KWON DO
Pat Natoli, Mission Martial Arts Academy chief instructor

This traditional Tae Kwon Do class incorporates all of the fundamental parts, including basics, forms (kata), freestyle sparring, three-step sparring, agility exercises and bag work. Students will have the opportunity to purchase a gi (uniform) for $30 and to sign up for belt promotions for an additional fee.

Hagai Kamil, Director of The Brooklyn Music Studio and Senesh parent

A Suzuki approach based violin program is coming to Hannah Senesh! Through weekly instruction in a group setting (5-10 students) students will be guided in step by step instruction to establish good, basic technique and intonation. There will be a recital at the end of semester. Parents will be given a reference booklet to guide home practice and daily listening.The Suzuki approach is based on the manner in which language (mother tongue) is learned. Visit
www.suzukiassociation.org to learn about Suzuki approach.

Note: There is an additional cost for violin rental and purchase of the book & CD.

General rental rates for all violin sizes – 1/16 up through 4/4 – including insurance:

  • 6 month violin rental: $168
  • 9 month violin rental: $243
  • 12 month (rent 10 months, receive 2 free): $270

Materials: Suzuki Violin School Vol.1 and the CD (around $16-$18)


Pat Natoli, Mission Martial Arts Academy chief instructor
This traditional Tae Kwon Do class incorporates all of the fundamental parts, including basics, forms (kata), freestyle sparring, three-step sparring, agility exercises and bag work. Students will have the opportunity to purchase a gi (uniform) for $30, and sign up for a belt promotion at the end of the semester for an additional fee.

NEW and Includes Middle School
Performing Arts Director Joanna Greer and Musical Director Miriam Daly
January 31- April 11: Performance on April 16 (middle school students rehearse until 5:30pm)
January 31- June 6 (includes 8 additional weeks of homework club afterschool)

Join us for another chance to participate in Musical Theater at Senesh! ALADDIN will be open to all students in grades 3-7 with larger roles going to middle school students. There will be plenty for younger actors to do, so don’t hesitate to sign up to join us in A Whole New World and help us bring Agrabah to Brooklyn!  


Join Code Camp for a mixture of fun ‘online’ and ‘offline’ activities, as your kids learn to build apps using iPads, and enjoy problem solving with technology, puzzles, apps and more. We know how important it is that kids get the right amount of ‘screen time’ versus physical activities. Expect iPad activities, coding board games and more!

Come learn the art of coding, problem solving, digital storytelling, game design and more, while children code and create their very own computer game / app which can then be shared and downloaded onto your devices. No experience required, and the fun and creativity can then continue at home as your kids can log in and continue their coding journey, for no additional cost, with Code Camp’s very own proprietary software, Code Camp World. Code Camp, sponsored by HP, are passionate about taking students on an exciting and interactive journey, moving from consumers to creators of technology.

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