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בוגרי בית ספרנו

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Hannah Senesh graduates are a varied group, and over the years they have brought their passions and sensibilities to many excellent high schools, colleges, and universities across the United States.  Hannah Senesh graduates meet the world with a sense of purpose; nurtured by our intimate, supportive environment and bolstered by the inspiring story of our namesake, they are prepared to meet any challenge.  Hannah Senesh graduates leave our school knowing they will always be a part of the community, and many of them keep in close touch with former classmates and teachers, coming back to school for visits and special events.  At Hannah Senesh we are a large extended family, and our graduates hold that fact dear, even years after graduation.

Hannah Senesh graduates have strong Jewish and American identities, developed over the years through study, experience, and introspection.  Our graduates are independent thinkers and involved learners, eager to “be the change” they wish to see in the world.  We are proud of our graduates and all they are accomplishing, and on the facing page we list the high schools, colleges, and universities to which they have been accepted.  But this is merely a list; it doesn’t show the years of hard work our students put in to earn acceptances to these schools, and it doesn’t show the tremendous support students show each other as they navigate the high school application process.  Yes, we are proud of our graduates for their academic achievements, but we are even prouder to see the remarkable, compassionate, and committed young adults they have become, interested contributors to the world around them.  Keep your eyes and ears opened… you can expect to see and hear great things from Hannah Senesh graduates!


+   Nathan Cahn '02

+   Rebecca Katz '02

+   Rose Eilenberg '05

+   Sarah Rosen '06

+   Aryeh Nussbaum Cohen '07

+   Lauren Roth '07

+   Eva Stern-Rodriguez '08

+   Alexander Amir '12

+   Elijah Fox '13

+   Alex Wells '02

+   Marissa Miller '10

+   Rafi Klein-Cloud '03

+   Sarah Koosis '11

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