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4/18 – Second Grade Blog

Writers Workshop

The second graders are working on studying sentences. They learned what a subject and predicate is and practiced identifying them in sentences. Then they worked collaboratively in sorting  fragments and sentences. They are now able to explain if a fragment is missing the “who” or the “what”.


The students learned about the soft and hard sounds of c and g. The rule is that when a silent E follows c or g at the end of a word, the consonants make a soft sound. They then read passages and found words that follow this rule. They found words such as: camouflage, challenge, patience and silence and then wrote them in a partnership and sorted them collectively as a class. 


We launched a new unit on time and money. The students reviewed coins and their corresponding values. They also learned how to count on with coins beginning with the largest denomination to the smallest. Regarding time, our mathematicians are busy practicing telling time using the hour and minute hand on analog clocks in increments of five minutes.