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Parent Association

ועד הורים

    Hannah Senesh is made up of parents who show a strong commitment and investment in our school community. The Parent Association (PA) develops programs, activities, events and volunteer opportunities that strengthen the bond with each other and our school. Community building is our mission!  All parents and guardians of students at our school are members of this group and are encouraged to get involved. There is a wide range of opportunities for parent participation. Your contribution, whether it is your time, knowledge, or resources, makes a difference. It shows your children that education matters, and it makes Hannah Senesh a better place!  

    • Volunteer to be a class parent
    • Provide support for families during difficult times
    • Assist in school with holidays and events
    • Plan family social action outings
    • Plan community outings
    • Help come up with creative new ideas!

    Parent Association Meetings
    Join fellow Senesh parents as we discuss our programming for the school year. Find fun ways to get involved. The work we do covers a broad spectrum: planning and executing events, like Shabbat Across Senesh and the end of year picnic, creating fun holiday surprises for the kids, finding creative ways to thank the staff and lots more. There are many rewards for those who get involved. Dates for 2022-23 PA Meetings dates are:

    • 9/13 at 8:30am in Beit Midrash
    • 10/26 at 7:30pm in Gym
    • 1/10 at 8:30am in Beit Midrash
    • 3/1 at 7:30pm in Gym
    • 5/2 at 8:30am in Beit Midrash

    Parent Association Leadership Contacts
    Co-Chair: Lana Gershenoff 

    Co-Chair: Gaby Brechner

    To learn more about the Parent Association’s Roles and Responsibilities click here