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MLK Tekes

Writing, Reading, and Social Studies We started the week with a little experiment: If we crack a brown egg and a white egg, will they look different on the inside? Many students predicted that the yolks might be a different color, or that one egg would be have more liquid. When we cracked the eggs and compared them, the “ooh!” and “ahh!” that erupted around the room made this an exciting moment. We realized the eggs looked so similar- both had a yellowish yolk, and both looked like raw eggs. Students quickly made the connection that although the eggs had...
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A Great Start To 2020!

It has been a wonderful first, full week back in school! Students have continued to share stories about their break, review rules and routines, and get back into the academic and social life of school. In Kabalat Shabbat today, students were asked to think about one instance from this week when they played or worked nicely with someone who used to not be in their group. Students shared various positive interactions that made their peers feel good. Noa said that she enjoyed playing Bingo with Noah because they worked well together. Natan said that he liked working with Bryce in...
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Chanukkah, Olive Oil, Self Care

Chanukkah Fun with Buddies! We had two candle lighting celebrations this week. On Wednesday we practiced lighting just our class, and on Thursday we got together with our sixth grade buddies for candle lighting and dreidel playing. Chanukiyot made in art class also went home this week, as well as dreidel presents from the PA. Happy Chanukkah to all the second grade families! Olive Oil Factory in honor of Chanukkah, we had another visit from Rabbi Fried who came to show us how to make olive oil. First we got to see and touch fresh olives. Then we put them...
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Community Events, Phonics, and Sugar Crystals!

Community Events We had an exciting week with various special events. On Wednesday, we welcomed Ezra back to school from his new brother’s bris with a Hebrew card made by his classmates. Students were so excited to find out the new baby’s name and also had many compliments for Ezra’s special kippah that he was still wearing from the occasion! On Thursday, we attended our sixth grade buddies Heroes Convention. Students were very interested to see some of their buddies dressed up, and to learn more about the heroes that they had researched. Ask your child which hero their buddy...
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Publishing Party

Publishing Party Thank you for attending the second grade publishing party! The joy and excitement from both students and parents was radiating throughout the room. We are all so proud of what the second graders have worked towards and accomplished so far this year. We spent this week in writing finishing up our opinion writing pieces and illustrating our book covers. While the past few weeks focused on writing our introduction and our supporting reasons, this week was all about ending our writing on a persuasive note! We talked about the role of the conclusion, both as a way to...
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Preparing for Publishing Party, Trip to Cobble Hill, and Two Holidays!

Publishing Party Info: The second graders have been hard at work writing their opinion papers on the book award they would give a book they love. They are using pop out words, using quotes as evidence to support their opinion, and talking about what makes a book a good book. We can’t wait to see you at the second grade publishing event Thursday, December 5th, 9:00-9:45am in the gym to see more of their work in many subjects so far this year! Thanksgiving This week we have been learning about the history of Thanksgiving as well as reading some fun...
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Kesher Day and Preparing for Cobble Hill Trip

Kesher Day General Studies Activity For Kesher Day this year we began by talking about what things make our families special. Second graders and the teachers shared so many ways in which they feel like their family is unique and special. We shared where we were born, what we to do, to the different languages we speak. We learned that our classroom community has a lot of things that are similar but also so many things that are different, and it makes up the diverse community we have full of friendship and love. For the activity, the second graders along...
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Guest Teacher, Shinshinim, and Art!

Heights and Hills Workshop To kick off our Social Action Project this year, we had a workshop in our classroom with a teacher from the Heights and Hills organization. Second graders shared things that they think will be good and not good when they get older. Students shared it will be nice to have grandchildren and to make their own rules. Some second graders share that it will be harder to be active, and to do things by themselves. The teachers from Heights and Hills discussed how their organization helps people over the age of 60 who need help living...
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Learning about Hannah Senesh and Starting Chumash

Tekes Hannah Senesh Second graders gathered for the school wide tekes (assembly) celebrating Hannah Senesh, our school’s name sake, along with the whole school. We learned about Hannah in both the Hebrew and General Studies classrooms. We were so proud of the second graders who participated in the tekes and read lines aloud in front of the whole school. Hannah Senesh Learning in General Studies This week we studied the poem “Eli Eli” written by Hannah Senesh. We studied each line, wondering what Hannah was thinking when she wrote this poem. Students shared that she might have been thinking about...
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Social and Emotional Learning

Social/Emotional, Reading, and Writing Integration Over the past few weeks we have been reading new books and learning about listening behavior and on topic behavior. We made a list of ways we can tell that someone is listening and someone is not listening, and we discussed what are the times that it is important to listen. Second graders shared that when a person is looking at you, facing you, and asking questions, it shows that that person is listening. Now when the teachers say “listening position” all students know to look at the speaker, listen, and ask questions or make...
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