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2021-2022 School Year

June 15, 2022 — the Last Blog Post of 4th Grade!

Judaics with Shira Last week we went on our first field trip since the pandemic started! It was so exciting to leave the building, take a subway together as a class, and to visit a new place that many students had never been to before. We visited the beautiful Green-Wood Cemetery, a national, historic landmark in the Sunset Park neighborhood. The visit started with a discussion with our Green-Wood educator about what students think and feel about visiting a historic cemetery. Students shared a range of opinions and emotions. Next, we boarded a trolley and caboose for a ride through...
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Farewell Second Grade

Congratulations to our second graders on finishing the school year! It was a bittersweet last few weeks of school and we soaked up our joyful time together before summer break. The students reflected on their growth academically, socially and emotionally since the school year started. It’s hard to believe that that was ten months ago! As cliche as it sounds, time does fly when you are having fun.   The kids spent thoughtful time looking back at work and sharing how they have changed as readers, writers, scientists, mathematicians, artists – the list goes on and on! They revisited their...
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First Grade News – Happy Summer!

Hello Families, Our 1st graders (now 2nd graders!) spent the last couple of weeks celebrating all of their hard work! We enjoyed having our Shuk “Israeli marketplace” where kids bought many types of fruits and vegetables from their friends for different amounts of shekalim. They really enjoyed making change! In Social Studies we revisited maps. We have explored a wide variety of maps and practiced how to follow cardinal directions to locate symbols and places. We also planned and created maps of our own! Then, we studied different types of communities, observed our school neighborhood, interviewed some community helpers, and discussed the...
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June 15: A Farewell to Fifth

Humanities  We ended the year by finishing Seedfolks and creating projects around the book. Every student wrote an additional chapter of the book where they created a new character and shared how that character came to the garden, what they planted, how they contributed to the community, and what struggle they faced. They also created various projects such as drawing a new cover, researching one of the countries mentioned in the book, drawing the garden, or writing a sequel chapter to one of the characters in the book. Our final social studies project was a talk show where the guests...
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Kindergarten Blog 6/15

Dear Kindergarten Families,   What a year it’s been! We can hardly believe this year has already come to an end. We remember the beginning of the year, when at 11:00, children would wonder if it was time to go home! Their stamina and endurance have both increased significantly and they have lasting energy throughout the day. We have watched them develop new friendships, develop their problem solving skills, and navigate the ups and downs in the world of kindergarten.   In gathering their materials from the beginning of the year, we saw enormous academic growth in all areas.  ...
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6th Grade News: End-of-Year Edition

Humanities:  It’s hard to believe we’re already at the end of the year, and it feels good to welcome the summer season with a sense of hopefulness and normalcy. I so enjoyed teaching all of your children this year! It was fun to end the year with creative, hands-on projects in both Social Studies and ELA. As you witnessed at the parent showcase last Friday, students finished the semester in ELA with a literature and project-based unit all about social justice. They completed social action projects inspired by the books they read in small book clubs: The Pants Project, and...
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Goodbye, 8th Grade!

Science In the final weeks of science this year, we conducted our final project. We explored the morality of science. Students selected a science concept that could morally be argued against. For example, cloning, nuclear weapons, or self-driving cars. Students decided if they were pro or con and presented the class with their arguments.    We have explored so much science this year and I know these students will face high school with a strong sense of confidence. This has been an amazing year, and I am so proud of all their achievements this year.   Good Luck Class of...
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3rd Grade: 6/15

What a year this has been! Our study of New York, from the original inhabitants, the Lenape, to the Dutch, the construction of the Erie Canal and Brooklyn Bridge, and finally to immigrants coming through Ellis Island, culminated in an amazing and exciting production! The kids did a fantastic job and I am so proud of them! They’re still repeating their lines and singing the songs in class! We read Stone Fox and were devastated at the ending (no spoilers!), Because of Winn Dixie and sympathized with Opal’s journey, and The One and Only Ivan and learned about friendship and the meaning...
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June 15, 2022

HUMANITIES What a year we’ve had in 7th grade Humanities! The 7th graders closed out the year with their showcase “Tales of the American West,” through which they analyzed and shared different perspectives on life from the American Southwest in the 19th century. It has been such a joy getting to know and teach all of the 7th graders this year. I hope everyone has a fantastic summer; I’ll see you across the hall when you are all in 8th grade! Sammy HEBREW Dear parents, I cannot believe this is the last blog I’m writing this year! Your children have...
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3rd Grade: 5/20

Play, play, play! Students have been practicing for our end of year celebration and the New York play. We are working on learning our lines, following cues, and remembering song lyrics and dance moves. It’s coming together so nicely, we can’t wait to share it with all of you! In between practices, we completed our poetry study! Connecting poetry to our social studies unit, we examined the poem by Emma Lazarus that is on the Statue of Liberty. Students then wrote their own poem for new immigrants. After reviewing all the poems they wrote, students chose three poems to publish....
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