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September 23, 2022

First Grade News

Hello Families, We had a very exciting week in first grade! We went apple picking and celebrated Rosh Hashanah together, eating lots of apples and honey:)  Also, Rabbi Menashe came to visit our classroom and gave us a live demonstration of how to blow a shofar.  In Hebrew, we learned the letters hey and we added new words to our word wall like: har (mountain), hege (wheel) and hadas (myrtle). In Reading workshop, we started learning about good first-grade reading habits such as taking a sneak peek, checking our sneak peek, and doing something at the end. We know after reading we can reread our...
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Kindergarten Blog 9/23

Dear Kindergarten Families,   Today is chilly! Kindergarten is excited about the change in season and have begun talking about Fall in Hebrew. As the weather gets colder, be sure to send your child with a good jacket and warm shoes, as Kindergarten goes outside for recess in all temperatures.   This week in Science, we learned about the scientific method, and the five steps in the process: ask a Question, form a Hypothesis, conduct an Experiment, record Observations, and reach a Conclusion. This week we asked the question “Which objects sink and which objects float?” and using the scientific...
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3rd Grade: 9/23 – Chag Sameach!

It’s been a very exciting two and a half weeks! We started our year getting to know each other, playing games and asking questions. We’ve also spent a lot of time getting to know our new routines. In 3rd grade, students move around to different classrooms. It was a little overwhelming in the beginning, but so far, we’ve been doing a great job! In reading, we have been preparing ourselves to be successful readers. First we thought about the right space for reading. Some said they liked to read outside, some in bed or on the couch, some like to...
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September 23, 2022 — Chag sameach! Have a happy and healthy New Year!!

STEAM with Sammi The biggest news of STEAM class so far is that students have received their Chromebooks! There was a lot of excitement in the air last week as we found our assigned spot in the cart, got logged in, and personalized our screens by changing our backgrounds. This moment has been much anticipated! Aside from the Chromebooks, students have been settling into the school year by practicing routines, going through Chromebook contracts (with silly memes to keep us entertained), and creating community expectations. This routine and expectation work over the first few weeks gets us set up for...
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We had a wonderful first full week of school! The students are settling in and learning routines! It was also wonderful seeing all of you at back to school night. We hope that you found it informative and helpful!    Scroll to the bottom for information about Tashlich on September 29.   General Studies   Reading: Our readers have started the year off strong! We have been discussing how to take a sneak peek before selecting a book. The kids brainstormed different ways to do this. The ideas they came up with include: reading the title, looking at the cover,...
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