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October 21, 2022

First Grade News

Hello Families, This week first graders were excited to meet Shoshana Nambi , the author of the book “The Very Best Sukkah – A Story From Uganda” visited our classroom. She enthusiastically shared about her book and we had a chance to ask her questions! In Hebrew, we learned the letter kuf and added new words to our word wall like: kasdah (helmet), kipod (porcupine), kobiyah(cube) and keshet (rainbow). We also wrote our first sentences in Hebrew using the action words kana (to buy for a boy) and kanta (to buy for a girl). In parasha (the weekly torah portion), we read about...
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Kindergarten Blog 10/21

Dear Kindergarten Families,   We hope everyone who celebrates had a wonderful Simchat Torah this week. Kindergarteners had a special visitor, learned a new song “You Gotta Sing!” and learned a bit about neurons. We also started something new called Literacy Stations, where students rotate through three literacy activities in small groups. In Hebrew, we added more colors to our vocabulary: grey אפור ah-for, and brown חום chum. We began reading the classic book מעשה בחמישה בלונים (A Tale of Five Balloons), which gives an exciting way to practice describing colors. We also continued to discuss different weather patterns, especially...
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3rd Grade – 10/21

We completed the second half of Stone Fox! We were finally introduced to the character of Stone Fox. As this book was written in 1980, the character has many flaws, and we had discussions about voice and perspective. For example, what happens when a character has no voice? What impact does it have on the story we’re reading and on the way we view that character?  We also talked about stereotypes and what we’re supposed to infer about Native Americans from this character. In this particular story, Stone Fox is not written as a positive character and the students acknowledged...
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10/21/22 Hi everyone! Can you believe it is already the middle of October? The month is flying by with the holidays and the kids have become more settled into our daily schedules. We are busy, busy, busy and learning a lot! Reading: Our readers learned how to scoop phrases in order to read more fluently, as if we are speaking. They practiced reading aloud so we could hear the breaks or pauses within the sentences. At home, be sure to ask your child to read in a storytelling voice where they capture the essence of the story while scooping phrases...
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