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Third Grade Blog

3rd Grade: 11/12

Reading, Writing, and Social Studies: Our three disciplines have merged these past two weeks as we began working on our Lenape projects. We started by looking at non-fiction books and some of the features. We noticed tables of contents, indexes, glossaries, fact boxes, pictures, diagrams, and more. We then focused on how to takes notes and “learn” from non-fiction text. The first thing we do is find the main idea of the passage. Then we can look for the details that support that main idea. When we write this down, we call it boxes and bullets. The main idea and...
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3rd Grade: 10/29

Reading: We continued using Stone Fox to strengthen our reading skills. We worked on making predictions and furthering our predictions by saying HOW something might happen, not just WHAT. We practiced retelling the story, taking big steps to mention the important parts of the story. Towards the end, we noticed that the text leads us to ask questions. Questions about what happens in the story (Why did Grandfather not tell little Willy what to do about the farm?) and questions about why the author made certain choices (Why did the author title the book Stone Fox?) The ending of Stone Fox is quite...
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3rd Grade 10/15

We have been busy here during the first two full weeks of school! Reminder: Parent Event, Wednesday, 10/20 8:40-9:20 am at school. Full details went out by email. Reach out to Shira if your child will NOT have a guest in attendance. sbecher@hannahsenesh.org Reading with Shannon In reading, we set up our classroom library to allow children to take home the book they are reading in school. Ask your child how they check out a book. We also started reading Stone Fox. It is about a 10 year old boy who lives on a potato farm with his grandfather. While reading,...
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3rd Grade 10/1

It has been a short, but busy, two weeks! In reading, we are learning ways to become successful readers. First, we find a good reading spot which is quiet and free from distractions. Next we find books that we love or that are just right for us. We know they are just right books because we find less than 5 challenging words on a page, can understand and retell the story, and are interested in reading. Last week we looked through the classroom library to find just right books. We also keep track of our reading habits by recording the...
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3rd Grade 9/13

We had a great first week of school, even if it was a short one! The students got to know each other by playing games and sharing about their summer. We also began exploring the Senesh motto: Take care of Ourselves and Take Care of Others. The students came up with examples for each such as “Be respectful and kind”, “Make good decisions”, and “Don’t be mad at yourself.” In Writing, the students used their summer artifacts as a springboard to write about their summer. Some wrote about camp or places they visited. In Reading, the students explored the classroom...
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Welcome to Third Grade!

Dear Third Grade Families, We hope you had a wonderful summer! Welcome to an exciting year of learning in third grade! The first day of school is fast approaching and we are busy preparing the classrooms. This year, the third grade team includes both new and returning teachers.  New to the staff is Shannon Berkowsky (General Studies Teacher) who is thrilled to be joining the Senesh community. Justin Schwaber (3rd and 4th Grade Math), Rimma Berenshtein (3rd and 4th Grade Hebrew), Shira Becher (3rd and 4th Grade Judaic Studies),and Tomer Yanay (Hebrew Associate Teacher) are excited to continue their work...
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Third Grade 6/11

Math Third Graders finished the year learning about points, lines, angles, vertices, and different types of shapes, including open plane figures and closed plane figures. Our students also learned the different properties of five different types of quadrilaterals such as rectangles, squares, rhombuses, parallelograms, and trapezoids. We also finished up the year reviewing important concepts from earlier in the year such as adding and subtracting fractions, multi-digit subtraction with regrouping, and multi-digit multiplication. It’s been a wonderful year for our third grade mathematicians. I’m very proud of their growth and work. Have a great summer; we will miss you!

Third Grade 6/4

Music Third Graders sang and played “Don’t Worry Be Happy” and “Lava” before saying goodbye to their ukuleles this week. In the last couple of weeks, they have also been examining the power and meaning of the musical underscoring of animations. And for fun, they have been reading and playing body rhythms to some of their favorite songs. General Studies What a class of performers we have! The third graders have been hard at work practicing their lines for the third grade play. They practiced reading slow, loud, and clear, and also using emotions and hand movements to deliver their...
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Third Grade 5/7

Music In Music, Third Graders have been hard at work practicing songs they have chosen for their upcoming ukulele concert. They have also been practicing the Eerie Canal Song, which they are looking forward to sharing with you at their end-of-year celebration. Writing and Reading We have begun writing our very own adaptations of Cinderella. We have been reading and studying many adaptations of different fairytales to learn what changes authors make and why. We have read many adaptations that represent different cultures such as The Golden Sandal, a Middle Eastern adaptation, and Cendrillon, a Caribbean adaptation. As the third...
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Third Grade 4/19

Judaics: Celebrating Yom Ha’atzmaut! (Israel’s Independence Day) Students dressed in blue and white on Thursday along with the rest of the school, to celebrate Israel’s 73rd birthday. We learned this week about the concept of Aliyah, which literally means going up, and is used to describe immigration to Israel. Students considered various push and pull factors that might make someone leave the country of their birth to move to a new country. We discovered the many different countries that Jews left to move to Israel and the changing immigration patterns over the years as this related to historical events. Students...
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