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February 16, 2023

3rd Blog – 2/17 – Have a wonderful break !

Reading: We continued, and finished, reading Because of Winn Dixie, analyzing how Opal reacts to problems that she faces. We’ve noticed that Opal faces them head-on, making her very brave. She asks the preacher about her mother, even though she is afraid to, and always talks back to the Dewberry boys. We then looked at different supportive characters, Gloria Dump, Miss Franny, and Amanda Wilkinson. We established that their roles are as advisor, friend, and challenger. These supporting characters help our main character move along their story mountain. Sometimes they make their journey easier, and sometimes they make it...
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February 17, 2023 — Have a wonderful break!

Judaics with Shira Fourth graders have been doing deep text study, moving on in the Toldot story. We started a new perek (chapter) where Yitzchak is now old, and preparing to give the birthright to Esav. The work we did studying for our shorashim challenge really paid off in comprehending this new text as students identified 15 different roots in the verses that we learned. Once we could understand the Hebrew text, it was time to go deeper and ask great questions. As the Torah’s descriptions can be relatively sparse, it does not often tell us what a character is...
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