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First Grade News

Hello Families, In Hebrew, we learned the letter alef as well as a new vowel, which makes the “Ee” sound. We also went over all the letters that we have learned so far and realized how much we have learned in such a short amount of time! Then we practiced our reading and writing. We were able to read and write lots of words like; aviv (spring), kir(wall), ima (mom) and kara (read).We added more words to our word wall like: aryeh (lion), aron (closet), ohel (tent) and arnav (rabbit). In Tefilah, we started learning the Amidah. The Amidah has 19 parts, and we are going to learn all of...
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Third Grade 10/23

Math In math, we tied up our unit on mental addition and subtraction. This section was about discussing the strategies we use to do math in our heads. The most well-known strategy is the break apart method. In this strategy, you separate each place value and add them independently. For instance, if you are adding 724+275, you would break it apart by doing: 700+200=900   20+  70=  90     4+    5=    9 900+90+9=999 Or maybe you would rather add 300 and then subtract 25? A large part of our mental math studies have been focused on discussions on how to...
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Kindergarten Blog 10/23/20

Dear Families, This week, kindergarteners began letters in Handwriting. Students are practicing their pencil grips, and remembering to start letters at the top. We are also practicing our “turn and talks,” where students chat in pairs, and practice conversation skills and taking turns (see pictures below). In math, we are working on counting accurately and checking our work. We have learned that good mathematicians always count again! Students are teaching each other counting strategies, for example using their fingers, or circling a picture that has already been counted. Kindergartners are finishing up their information books and will share them next week. They...
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Second Grade Autumn Spotlight

Happy Autumn Senesh Community!  Please read on to learn about what our second grade scholars have been creating this month in English Language Arts, Social Studies, Hebrew & Judaic Studies, Math, Science and Social Emotional Learning. General Studies – Jacob   The second-grade writers have been hard at work crafting their personal narratives, stretching out each moment, and writing with rich descriptive detail. This week we completed our first draft or “sloppy copy,” and each pod feels proud of their accomplishments. Next week, we will begin revising our writing and working to make our good writing great! In coordination with...
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Third Grade 10/9

Break Time on 1st Place! Third graders enjoyed break time on the newly closed first place! We enjoyed reading, snacking, looking at trees, taking up more space, and running and building obstacle courses outside. Ask your third grader what their favorite break activity is! Celebrating Simchat Torah! We celebrated Simchat Torah along with the rest of the school today. Eighth graders brought the torah around the school for students to see and music played from the speaker. Two of the third grade pods had outdoor time during the celebration and got to dance outside! In Yahadut class we took an...
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Kindergarten Blog 10/9/20

Dear Kindergarten Families, This week, kindergarteners became botanists! We are beginning our study of the plant life cycle. Students examined a red bell pepper, studied the seeds with magnifying glasses, and shared what they noticed with their classmates. Students also explored our math workbooks, and practiced writing numbers “the kindergarten way.” Each Pod has also created rules for their community! Students discussed what rules they thought a classroom should have, and worked together to decide on wording, and what ideas were most important. Kindergartners continued doing a shared reading of Mrs. Wishy Washy and brought home their own copies to share with their...
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Shana tova, and happy October from the 8th Grade!

Humanities Students are continuing to hone their critical writing skills as we work through the structure of literary analysis essays. the 8th graders have developed theme statements from their summer reading, The Chosen, and are basing their essays around their ideas of Judaism, friendship, and war. This week in Social Studies, students have been exploring human migration, indigeneity, and Native American origin stories. We began by exploring the power of our own origin stories–religious, national, familial–and illustrated some representations of our origins.   Maths The 8th Grade has spent the past few weeks learning about and mastering Scientific Notation and...
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October 8, 2020

HUMANITIES Right now, 7th graders are working diligently on their creative project in response to the summer reading of The Outsiders. Students are working on either an illustrated timeline of scenes from the book or creative first-person narratives from the perspective of imagined characters who witnessed scenes from the book. Their creativity is flowing! In Social Studies, students’ knowledge of the geography and spelling of all fifty U.S. states has improved impressively, which will help them as we study our country’s history throughout the year. We continue having weekly lessons on topics related to the upcoming election including how to have civil...
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What’s Happening in 5th: 10/6/20

Humanities:  During our ELA classes, we have begun reading Home of the Brave as a mentor text for our first unit- analyzing themes. So far we have set reading goals for the year and talked extensively about the goal of writing about our reading. When we write about our reading, we are paying close attention to the characters, plot, setting, and repeating objects. We develop ideas about the book and then look for evidence to support our ideas. The goal is not just to speed through a book but rather to think deeply about it and gain insight as we read....
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Kindergarten blog 9/25/20

Dear Kindergarten Families, What a wonderful two weeks in kindergarten!  In Judaics, our students learned about Rosh Hashana and Yom Kippur. We are also learning the days of the week, weather, and colors in Hebrew! Kindergartens explored scissors, glue, and more learning how to care for our classroom materials. We are beginning to make friends with numbers, learning math games to play by ourselves and with the whole class. Students began learning about the calendar, and how to find the day of the week. We are also beginning handwriting, learning how to make letters “the Kindergarten way.”  Students met Mabel...
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