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MLK Tekes

Writing, Reading, and Social Studies We started the week with a little experiment: If we crack a brown egg and a white egg, will they look different on the inside? Many students predicted that the yolks might be a different color, or that one egg would be have more liquid. When we cracked the eggs and compared them, the “ooh!” and “ahh!” that erupted around the room made this an exciting moment. We realized the eggs looked so similar- both had a yellowish yolk, and both looked like raw eggs. Students quickly made the connection that although the eggs had...
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First Grade News

Dear First Grade Families, We hope that you had a lovely break.  It has been great to be back for our first full week of school.  We have enjoyed seeing friendships blossom with our new classroom communities.  This week has been full of community building, getting back into the school routine and learning about Dr. Martin Luther King Jr. In Reading we learned sight words, those words we know by heart and in a snap.  We spoke of the importance of studying a word in order to know it more deeply.  For example, we studied words to see if they...
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A Great Start To 2020!

It has been a wonderful first, full week back in school! Students have continued to share stories about their break, review rules and routines, and get back into the academic and social life of school. In Kabalat Shabbat today, students were asked to think about one instance from this week when they played or worked nicely with someone who used to not be in their group. Students shared various positive interactions that made their peers feel good. Noa said that she enjoyed playing Bingo with Noah because they worked well together. Natan said that he liked working with Bryce in...
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January is abuzz!

Humanities In humanities class, the year is 1776 and the students are about to go on a wild adventure through the American Revolution. This week we reviewed the political and topographical geography of the American colonies and will soon talk about Loyalists and Patriots. In ELA, students conquered the enormous feat of writing an in-class argumentative essay ending out our unit on Arthur Miller’s The Crucible. You should really be very proud of their enormous dedication.   Math It’s our first full week back at Senesh and the 8th grade has a lot to do! They are working hard balancing...
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Week of January 6

Judaic Studies with Ariana It’s been wonderful to see the students back in school. The first week we made sure to play community building games and ice breakers to get better acquainted with our new groups.We have also returned to our Chumash studies. We continue to explore the intricate story of Yaakov and Esav. We learned four new pesukim and have been working with our Chavruta teammates in our workbooks and notebooks. Next week, we will begin working on our Social Action Project. We are planning a visit to an animal shelter that will take place on the Senesh Week...
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Our Week in Fifth Grade- 1-10-20

Happy New Year! Welcome back to school! We have jumped right back into learning! Read on to find out what is happening in fifth grade… Advisory:  The fifth graders will begin their visits to BAC (Brooklyn Autism Center) next week. This is a wonderful opportunity for our students to interact with other children who are differently abled. We introduced the visits by talking about what ASD (Autism Spectrum Disorder) is and how it might manifest in the students we’ll be working with. The students then created a fun “get to know you:” activity that they will share with the students...
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Happy Hanukkah from the 8th Grade!

Humanities In humanities, we have been wrapping up our unit on Arthur Miller’s The Crucible. The students performed for the seniors at Ezra Project to rave reviews! One elder even gave it two thumbs up. 🙂  Meanwhile, students explored the nation’s founding document, The Declaration of Independence, and updated its language to include their own values. Here is an excerpt from an updated version, collaborated on by Dov and Sivan: We hold these truths to ubiquitous to all people and that we are all equal, that we have eternal rights, that among these are freedom, safety, and free health-care. —...
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Week of December 16

General Studies with Dawn Colonial America has been the focus of the Social Studies for the last few weeks. Students have learned about the difficult travel from England to Jamestown and Plymouth and the challenging first year the settlers had in both places.  We have had a good time learning about some of the daily activities in the colonies such as knitting, baking (spice cookies), making and playing marbles, and making a ball and cup game. Gratitude has been the focus of the writing program. Over the last three weeks students have been responding to prompts about gratitude in a...
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Our Week in Fifth Grade- 12-20-19

Advisory The theme of advisory the last few weeks has been “kindness.” Each group worked together to define kindness. According to 5A, kindness is “being authentically nice, inclusive, and understanding while considering other’s feelings.” According to 5B, kindness is “the quality of being respectful, considerate, inclusive and helpful. Respecting others no matter their differences. Being nice, even if you aren’t friends. Being influenced by good Sympathizing, giving back Being nice to new people Then, the classes practiced giving and receiving compliments. Finally, the groups were put into teams and had to work together to crack the code on an Empathy...
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