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3rd blog – 5/25-Chag Shavuot Sameach!!

May continues to be a busy month with play rehearsals happening every day! We finally made it to the “big stage” and began practicing as a whole grade. It is sure to be a crowd pleaser!

We began our last unit of writing, a personal narrative. Students were asked to think back to the beginning of the year and their first writing piece! Some remembered what they wrote about, and some needed a reminder! But the skills they learned remained as we made a list of what should be included in a personal narrative. Things like the 5 senses, similes (which we learned about in poetry), thoughts and feelings, and dialogue were included in that list. We started our drafts and are moving on to revising. 

In reading, we finally finished Save Me a Seat! It was an interesting story seen from two different perspectives. Next week we will dive deeper into the story with some thoughtful questions about characters and assumptions.

Hebrew with Rimma and Yael

In our Hebrew class 3rd graders embarked on a creative journey– –-they take their writing to the next level by bringing their narratives to life through the creation of their very own books! The process of writing and creating their own books provides a great opportunity to strengthen their writing skills, actively practice to apply learned vocabulary and grammar and to study a new vocabulary by using a dictionary. Also the process of writing nurtured students’ confidence and creativity. Students are introducing their characters, settings and creating a specific problem and resolution to the problem. Each student approached the task with their unique level of proficiency and ability and we continue to support them in this journey.

Chag Shavuot Sameah!

Rimma and Yael


Judaics with Shira

In Chumash class, we finished the concluding story of Parashat Lech Lecha about the name change of Avram and Sarai. Both characters receive new names from God- Avraham and Sarah. Students had much to share about the significance of names and name changes. They were excited to research and share more about the stories of names and name changes from their own families. Some students opted to design an art midrash, a commentary on the text through visual language. We looked at examples of midrashic art for inspiration, and the third graders had original ideas of their own as well! We are excited to share our learning with you at the end of year event next week!


Math with Luis

3rd graders are now angle experts! We learned what a protractor was, how to use a protractor to draw specific angles, and how to use a protractor to measure specific angles. Using them also lent more meaning to the acute, right, obtuse, and straight angle vocabulary words we had learned in preparation for the ERB tests. We also learned how to use protractors to make a cool curve composed only of straight lines at different angles – Google “parabolic curve” for an idea of what we were (mostly) able to do in class. The angles and designs we made reminded many students of the designs made by the tension cables on the Brooklyn Bridge that we went to go see on Thursday!