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First Grade News

Hello Families,

We celebrated how much we have learned this year with the Siddur Ceremony! It was such a special event! We were so proud of all the first graders and what an amazing job they did!

In the Hebrew classroom, we learned about Shavuot! On Shavuot we are celebrating the time that we received the Torah. We spoke about how the Torah has rules (The Ten Commandments) that keep us safe just like rules we have at home and school. We read a story in Hebrew about why God chose Mount Sinai for the Jewish people to receive the Torah. We also started learning about the shuk, the Israeli market and how to say fruits and vegetables in Hebrew. We also watched videos of different kinds of shuk in Israel. The first graders were amazed by all the different kinds of fruits and vegetables you can find in one place! The students wrote what they can find in the shuk using the plural form of fruits and vegetables. We will continue to learn more about the shuk next week!

Our scientists continue our inquiry into life cycles by observing and tracking the growth of our bean plants and ladybug larvae. Our seeds have sprouted, and we planted them in cups to track the development of their seeds. We also read books, pasted diagrams, and enjoyed The Tiny Seed by Eric Carle.

Our urban planners have been out in the community the last couple of weeks studying the many aspects of what makes a neighborhood community thrive. First graders learned about different types of communities and that we live in an urban community. We have discussed community workers, needs and wants, and how neighborhood elements help people to live, work, and play. After reading Madlenka, we sketched city blocks and took notes on what details are essential to include for all types of people to be included in a community. We noticed pipes, ramps, newspapers in multiple languages, emergency call boxes, gardens, and more.

Music – First graders have been working hard on the lyrics, melodies and movements of their songs for their Siddur Ceremony, and it was a big success. Congratulations first graders!

Check out our pics!

Shabbat Shalom,

Ilana and Liz