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Kindergarten Blog 12/11/20

Dear Families, This week was a little different, as we transitioned back from online learning to in person learning. Students and teachers alike were very happy to see each other in person, and eager to discuss the learning and games that happened online. Students are hard at work preparing for our program on Monday. Kindergarteners finished writing their stories, practiced reading them, and were video taped. In science, we have been practicing a dance about planting seeds that you will see on Monday (it also shows off some of our yoga poses!). In Hebrew/Judaics, kids learned about Hanukkah, and how...
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Kindergarten Blog 11/20/20

Dear Families, In Hebrew, we are learning new vocabulary for body parts. Eyes  – עיניים Ears – אוזניים Nose – אף Mouth – פה Tongue – לשון Teeth – שיניים Legs – רגליים Hands –  ידיים Cheeks – לחיים Shoulders -כתהיים   The students can form sentences about body parts they have (For example: I have hands). We are also learning how to say “I want,” and using our new phrase in everyday class activities (For example, “I want water”). In Judaic Studies, we are adding new tefillot (prayers). Students now know Modeh Ani, Ma Tovu, Shema, and V’ahavta. Ask...
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Kindergarten Blog 11/6/20

Dear Families, The votes are in!  Twenty- four Kindergartners voted Yes on the question “Should we change the Choice Time Activities in November?  Three students voted No, and one student filled in both bubbles because he liked both answers. We will change the activities sometime this month! In writing students are working on stories about things that have happened to them.  We talked about the fact that story books and information books are similar in that they both have pictures and words, and we will be adding details and sounding out words.  But they are different in that story books have characters that do things...
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Kindergarten Blog 10/30/20

Dear Families, Kindergartners had the opportunity to read their information books to people including Nicole, Shelley, and Carolyn this week.  They then shared our Rockstar Museums, which include information About the Authors. We are beginning to introduce Snap Words (I, a , the, and like) which are words that appear frequently in reading and writing so it is helpful to know them in a “snap.” We talked about the upcoming election and voting.  Kindergartners will have their own opportunity to vote on the question: “Should we change the Choice materials in November?”  We talked about the advantages and disadvantages of...
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Kindergarten Blog 10/23/20

Dear Families, This week, kindergarteners began letters in Handwriting. Students are practicing their pencil grips, and remembering to start letters at the top. We are also practicing our “turn and talks,” where students chat in pairs, and practice conversation skills and taking turns (see pictures below). In math, we are working on counting accurately and checking our work. We have learned that good mathematicians always count again! Students are teaching each other counting strategies, for example using their fingers, or circling a picture that has already been counted. Kindergartners are finishing up their information books and will share them next week. They...
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Kindergarten Blog 10/16

Dear Families, This week kindergartners planted our pepper seeds! We learned about soil, and how to care for a plant at home. Kids brought home their planted seeds today— please water every day (peppers are thirsty!). Place in a sunny area, and move to a bigger pot after the plants are a few inches tall. Kindergartners are becoming experts at our new math books. They are learning to match pictures and numbers, and how to show their work with unifix cubes and other counting tools. We now know how to write our numbers “the Kindergarten way!” If your child is...
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Kindergarten Blog 10/9/20

Dear Kindergarten Families, This week, kindergarteners became botanists! We are beginning our study of the plant life cycle. Students examined a red bell pepper, studied the seeds with magnifying glasses, and shared what they noticed with their classmates. Students also explored our math workbooks, and practiced writing numbers “the kindergarten way.” Each Pod has also created rules for their community! Students discussed what rules they thought a classroom should have, and worked together to decide on wording, and what ideas were most important. Kindergartners continued doing a shared reading of Mrs. Wishy Washy and brought home their own copies to share with their...
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Kindergarten blog 10/2/20

Dear Kindergarten Families, Shana Tova and Happy October! This week, kindergarteners learned about Sukkot. We are also beginning to study Shabbat, learning about candles and the weekly parasha. We are continuing to add on phrases in Hebrew, about things we do in the classroom. We are strengthening our morning routine, talking about weather, days of the week, and colors— all in Hebrew! We are also learning to describe the colors we are wearing. Kindergarteners are studying each other’s names! We are noticing how many letters a name has, what the letters look like, and how many syllables (beats) are in...
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Kindergarten blog 9/25/20

Dear Kindergarten Families, What a wonderful two weeks in kindergarten!  In Judaics, our students learned about Rosh Hashana and Yom Kippur. We are also learning the days of the week, weather, and colors in Hebrew! Kindergartens explored scissors, glue, and more learning how to care for our classroom materials. We are beginning to make friends with numbers, learning math games to play by ourselves and with the whole class. Students began learning about the calendar, and how to find the day of the week. We are also beginning handwriting, learning how to make letters “the Kindergarten way.”  Students met Mabel...
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Welcome to Kindergarten!

Dear Kindergarten Families, Welcome to Kindergarten! We are so happy to meet the students and begin our year together. Our pods had a wonderful time at orientation! Check out these pictures from Thursday and Friday! Also, please see important notices below, including about allergies. IMPORTANT Kindergartenteam2020@hannahsenesh.org It is very important to use this email address/send messages to all three teachers. Thank you! Reminders: First full day for Kindergarten is  9/14/20 We go outside twice a day in all weather. Please dress your student for the day’s weather, including sneakers or boots!  Pack a lunch AND a snack that your student can...
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