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5/12 – Second Grade Blog


We launched our spring poetry unit this week! The students are learning how to see through a poet’s lense while making observations about objects in their everyday lives. They are working both inside and outside of the classroom in order to notice all different types of things – pencils, flowers, and even objects like the gate around the yard!


The second graders are reviewing long vowel sounds and their spelling rules. They are compiling and sorting long a words as they can be spelled in a variety of ways including: vowel consonant vowel a-e, vowel team ai, ending ay, and a. 


Our mathematicians are working on reading and writing time and money. They are currently practicing solving real world two step addition and subtraction money problems with bar models. 

Hebrew and JS

2nd graders enjoy meeting 8th grades who came to the their classroom and shared with them their experiences from the trip to Israel and the 2nd graders shared with them what they learned about Israel. In Hebrew the students starts to write their final book where they emphasise the verbs and the vocabulary words they learned during the year.


In music, second graders have been perfecting their Chumash Ceremony songs. They’re looking forward to sharing them with you soon!