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3/20 Second Grade Blog

Writers Workshop

The second graders are once again published authors! The students celebrated with the kindergarten by reading their expert books to them. Then the kindergarteners read their stories to us!


In reading the students have been dissecting words and practicing reading multisyllabic words using different strategies. We tackle long words part by part by: working methodically from beginning to end, breaking the consonants in the middle, keeping digraphs together, breaking off endings, break before the consonant -le and checking all the parts!


We continue to work on our multiplication unit. The past two weeks we focused on multiplying by 2’s, 5’s, 10’s and 3’s. Strategies the students are using are: using and drawing pictures, repeated addition, skip counting, and dot paper.


Students are working on Pesach projects, decorating cups for Elijah or Miriam for the Seder. They are excited to take them home soon!


In Music class, Second Graders have begun continued sharing their musical talents and learning how to be a supportive audience. Everyone was so excited to hear the performances of Layla, Hannah, Mila, Ara (and Rebecca – thank you!), Sara, Ella, Leo, Mena, Simon and Lev!  Students have also been reviewing the instruments of the orchestra in preparation for our study of Benjamin Britten’s Young Person’s Guide To the Orchestra.