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2/10 Second Grade Blog


We learned about contractions! What contractions are, why they are used, how to make them and how to read them. We are also noticing words that have powerful patterns and how we use them to read fluently. For example, if you can read the word night then you can read the work flight or sight in a snap!


The second graders just finished a unit on weight focusing on grams and kilograms. We also compared objects and noticed when the scale it is even on both sides. We are now moving into a math second book! We will start our next unit on plots and graphs.  

Judaic Studies 

The students were excited to learn songs about Tu Bishvat the meaning of the holiday and how to describe the tree parts in Hebrew. We made the connection between the holiday and what they learned about the creation of the world.

The students continued to learn about Israel’s map exploring new parts of Israel, cities and places they would like to visit.


The highlight of the week was when Third graders completed writing their own book and invited our students to their classroom where they presented their books.

Verbal Skils: The second graders continued creating everyday conversations in Hebrew using the differences between girls and boys using the correct grammar.

In Hebrew Reading each of the students presented and read a book in front of the whole group.