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First Grade News

Hello Families,

In Hebrew, we celebrated our accomplishments – finishing learning the Hebrew alef-bet and our nitzanim workbooks. I encourage you to look through your child’s workbook to see the amazing work that he/she has done! The first graders were also very excited to get a certificate for learning all of the Hebrew letters. We also learned how to write the letters resh, bet and vet in script. We continued to learn about Tu Bishvat.The first graders created two beautiful trees on our bulletin board. Each student described in writing what the tree has using different parts of the tree (leaves – alim, flowers – prachim, fruits – perot, roots – shorashim) and their colors. We also enjoyed reading stories about trees like, “What to do with leaves?” and “The Giving Tree”.

In Tefila this week, we learned a new prayer from the Amidah called, boneh yerushalayim. We saw pictures of how the city looked in the past and how it looks today. We spoke about the importance of the city of Jerusalem and what makes her a holy city.

The Parasha this week is Parashat Beshalach. This is when Pharaoh changes his mind about freeing the Israelites slaves and chases after them. The Sea of Reeds splits, the Israelites escape the Egyptians, and they celebrate their freedom. We spoke about what it must have felt like to feel free after having been slaves for so long.

Our 5th grade buddies joined us for a building challenge this week!  Using model magic and toothpicks, buddies build a house of 3D shapes for the 1 of the the little pigs! They had to draw a plan, counting the faces and vertices of their building. They also made a prediction if their house would be blown down by the big bad wolf (liz with a hairdryer). We were impressed with the variety and creativity of the houses! No buildings were knocked down.

Check out our pics:

Shabbat Shalom,

Liz and Ilana