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February 3, 2023

First Grade News

Hello Families, In Hebrew, we celebrated our accomplishments – finishing learning the Hebrew alef-bet and our nitzanim workbooks. I encourage you to look through your child’s workbook to see the amazing work that he/she has done! The first graders were also very excited to get a certificate for learning all of the Hebrew letters. We also learned how to write the letters resh, bet and vet in script. We continued to learn about Tu Bishvat.The first graders created two beautiful trees on our bulletin board. Each student described in writing what the tree has using different parts of the tree (leaves – alim,...
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Kindergarten Blog 2/3

Dear Kindergarten Families,   Kindergartners are coming in each morning and afternoon excited to read the morning or afternoon message. They are working to read it on their own before the whole class reads it together. Making use of the repetition of the date, newly learned snap words, and a greeting in which only one word changes each day they are excited to see themselves becoming readers.  They love it when there is a “teacher mistake” such as leaving the year off or leaving an initial letter off.  Many children can be found voluntarily copying the message from the board...
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