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2nd Grade Blog 5/25


During Writer’s Workshop the kids wrote special I Am poems. They also drew  self portraits that shows their uniqueness to accompany the writing. We hope that you enjoyed reading them at the Chumash ceremony!


In reading our groups have been busy doing different activities. One group wrote and is performing a student written play based on Junie B. Jones. Another group is learning to summarize a text and put it into writing.


In math class we wrapped up the unit on time and money. The students practiced solving some more sophisticated multi-step problems that used skills that were learned across the year. 

Judaic Studies

This week we learned about the Shavuot holiday, the different names and their meanings and why the tradition is to stay awake the whole night and read the Torah. Everyone was engaged and excited to perform and celebrate the 2nd grade Chumash ceremony this week. The highlight of the chumash ceremony was at the end when they received their Torah and immediately wanted to start reading it.

In Hebrew we acknowledge Jerusalem day that is celebrated in Israel on Eyar אייר.

The children learned facts about Jerusalem and created a project emphasizing their learnings.


This week the children continued to look after their sunflowers and learn about pollination and decomposition. We also took a fun trip to the Brooklyn Botanic Gardens to see what we’ve been learning about in person! Thank you to all the chaperones for your help and enthusiasm. We hope this will be a trip the students will always remember.


Second graders have been working hard on the lyrics, melodies and movements of their songs, as well as on their speeches for their Humash Ceremony, and it was a big success. Congratulations to second graders!