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Third Grade 6/11

Math Third Graders finished the year learning about points, lines, angles, vertices, and different types of shapes, including open plane figures and closed plane figures. Our students also learned the different properties of five different types of quadrilaterals such as rectangles, squares, rhombuses, parallelograms, and trapezoids. We also finished up the year reviewing important concepts from earlier in the year such as adding and subtracting fractions, multi-digit subtraction with regrouping, and multi-digit multiplication. It’s been a wonderful year for our third grade mathematicians. I’m very proud of their growth and work. Have a great summer; we will miss you!

What’s Happening in 5th- Final Edition!

Humanities  We did it! This year we’ve read novels, written essays, traveled through ancient civilizations, and kept up with current events. In these final weeks, the 5th graders wrote a biography about a famous woman in history, finished reading Seedfolks, and wrote themselves into the book by creating an additional chapter with their own story. In Social Studies, they created board games traveling through the duat, the Egyptian afterlife. To finish up the year, we played each other’s games and watched Wonder. I am endlessly proud of the resilience and work put in by each of the 5th graders this...
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First Grade Newsletter

Hello Families, Our 1st graders (now 2nd graders!) had a last week full of celebration and culmination of their hard work! In Social Studies we took all we learned about communities and mapping and build locations to create our 3D Neighborhood.  In Hebrew we shopped for fruit and other treats.  In Math we learned more about money.  In ELA we explored our portfolios from K and 1st and reflected on what we were proud of.  Then we had a popcorn party to view our commercials! Check out our commercials here: https://drive.google.com/file/d/1yqFqp1J23YoSLbz87cvUXw4SxjtwQv5K/view?usp=sharing *This video is very quiet.  The video audio should...
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Kindergarten Blog 6/10/21

Dear Families, We made it to the end of the year! Thank you all for being our partners in the Kindergarten journey! Enjoy these pictures from our last few school days! Shabbat Shalom, and Have a Great Summer! Dawn, Anat, Talia, and Atalya   Music with Heidi Kindergarteners ended off their musical year with a review of their skills – they performed their Music Rules rap to tempos and dynamics of their choosing, sung Bonnie the Beautiful Butterfly, played their shakers, created rhythms with their rhythm sticks, created a thunderstorm with their body movements and danced with their scarves to...
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June 7, 2021

HUMANITIES The students did a great job arguing their cases in the trial of Romeo and Juliet. Thank you to those of you who joined to bear witness to the trial; I hope you enjoyed seeing the product of the 7th graders’ hard work and preparation. We are finishing the year by studying the Bill of Rights and answering some final questions about Romeo and Juliet, such as: -Is Romeo and Juliet’s relationship an example of true love? –Does Romeo and Juliet belong in 7th grade? Should Sammy teach it again? –In Shakespeare’s time, should parents have taken their children to see this...
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Third Grade 6/4

Music Third Graders sang and played “Don’t Worry Be Happy” and “Lava” before saying goodbye to their ukuleles this week. In the last couple of weeks, they have also been examining the power and meaning of the musical underscoring of animations. And for fun, they have been reading and playing body rhythms to some of their favorite songs. General Studies What a class of performers we have! The third graders have been hard at work practicing their lines for the third grade play. They practiced reading slow, loud, and clear, and also using emotions and hand movements to deliver their...
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Kindergarten Blog – 6/4/21

Dear Families, In phonics, we continue to work with vowel sounds and word families through games and puzzles. We are working on end of the year preparations, such as signs for eighth grade graduation. Students are also writing letters to their first grade teachers! They are writing about themselves, and what they want their teachers to know. As part of our coin study, Kindergarteners are creating a store. We are making some items to sell in our store, like mini crowns, paper airplanes, and notebooks. Students are discussing what jobs are needed in a store, how they should price the...
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Third Grade 5/7

Music In Music, Third Graders have been hard at work practicing songs they have chosen for their upcoming ukulele concert. They have also been practicing the Eerie Canal Song, which they are looking forward to sharing with you at their end-of-year celebration. Writing and Reading We have begun writing our very own adaptations of Cinderella. We have been reading and studying many adaptations of different fairytales to learn what changes authors make and why. We have read many adaptations that represent different cultures such as The Golden Sandal, a Middle Eastern adaptation, and Cendrillon, a Caribbean adaptation. As the third...
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Sprinkling Spring Showers

Greetings Senesh Community, As the mid-afternoon sun showers trickle down on the tender seeds our students have sown in our school garden, our second grade scholars have been applying their growing knowledge in many important areas.  Lag Baomer set the stage for our final academic push with a well deserved celebration of color, creativity and stewardship.  Our young learners had so much fun creating murals, and sidewalk art to support all the teams at Senesh and truly thrived in our adrenaline rushing relay races.  This is such an important and pivotal day for our learners to take a break from...
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May 6, 2021

HUMANITIES We are in the thick of Romeo and Juliet. Romeo is in exile in Mantua, and Juliet is trying to figure out how to be with her new husband. Once we are finished, the seventh graders will actively argue over whether or not Romeo and Juliet were truly in love and who is to blame for their tragic deaths. In Social Studies, we are analyzing the US Constitution and the founding of the United States. Students are grappling with different sections of the nation’s founding document with rigor, questioning why the founders made certain decisions as well as how...
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