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Our Week in Fifth Grade- 1-10-20

Happy New Year! Welcome back to school! We have jumped right back into learning! Read on to find out what is happening in fifth grade… Advisory:  The fifth graders will begin their visits to BAC (Brooklyn Autism Center) next week. This is a wonderful opportunity for our students to interact with other children who are differently abled. We introduced the visits by talking about what ASD (Autism Spectrum Disorder) is and how it might manifest in the students we’ll be working with. The students then created a fun “get to know you:” activity that they will share with the students...
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Our Week in Fifth Grade- 12-20-19

Advisory The theme of advisory the last few weeks has been “kindness.” Each group worked together to define kindness. According to 5A, kindness is “being authentically nice, inclusive, and understanding while considering other’s feelings.” According to 5B, kindness is “the quality of being respectful, considerate, inclusive and helpful. Respecting others no matter their differences. Being nice, even if you aren’t friends. Being influenced by good Sympathizing, giving back Being nice to new people Then, the classes practiced giving and receiving compliments. Finally, the groups were put into teams and had to work together to crack the code on an Empathy...
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Our Week in Fifth Grade- 12-6-19

We hope that everyone had an enjoyable Thanksgiving break. We are thankful for getting to spend our days with each of your students. Read on to find out what we have been learning in fifth grade.  Humanities:  The students have continued working on their research essays. After taking notes from a variety of online and print sources, they learned how to organize the notes into categories which translated to the body paragraphs of their essays. Once the notes were in categories, we worked on writing an introductory paragraph beginning with a hook, followed by background information, and ending with a thesis...
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Our Week in Fifth Grade! 11-15-19

Advisory Can you give the perfect directions to make a peanut butter and jelly sandwich? That is what the fifth graders tried to accomplish this week. Working in teams, the students created and wrote explicit directions step-by-step to make a peanut butter and jelly sandwich. The teachers then read the directions and followed them… literally. At the end of the activity we compared the sandwiches to see which group gave the best directions. Math It was such a pleasure to meet all of you this past week at parent teacher conferences. Last week, 5th grade wrapped up Chapter 2, and this...
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Our Week in 5th Grade! 11-1-19

Ah, a full week! It feels so great to get so much learning accomplished! Read on to find out what your fifth grader was up to this week… Advisory:  Over the past two weeks in advisory, the students have completed a series of activities that involve following directions closely and attentively. One activity asked the students to follow a series of verbal directions and another gave written directions. We asked the students which one they found easier to follow and discussed the different types of learning styles; visual, auditory, and kinesthetic. The class was then given a “directions test.” Ask...
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Our Week in 5th Grade! 10-18-19

Although the weeks are short, we have been packing in a ton of learning! Read on to find out what your student’s are doing in each of their classes. Advisory:  The advisory classes began watching a Netflix series called The Kindness Diaries. The series follows a man who travels around the world relying entirely on the kindness of strangers for his meals, shelter and any other needs. We have had really wonderful conversations about how each of us can put a little kindness out into the world. Keeping with our kindness theme, the students filled out a Kindness Survey and reflected...
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Our Week in 5th Grade! 9-27-19

What an amazing few weeks of learning and community growth! Read on to find out what your fifth graders have been up to in each class: Important Dates: NO SCHOOL: Rosh Hashana- September 30- October 1                         Yom Kippur- October 8-9                         Sukkot- October 14-15                         Simchat Torah/Shemini Atzeret- October 21-22    Advisory Inspired by last week’s Climate Strike, advisory this week focused on learning more about the...
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Our Week in 5th Grade! 9-5-19

We had a wonderful first week of school! Read on to find out more about what we did this week… Important Dates:  September 12 (Thursday): NYC Challenge- Students will need to be at school by 7:15 AM and will return at 6:45 PM Permission Slip is due September 6th September 16 (Monday): Back to School Night– 6:45 PM   Advisory: This week in advisory we interview our teachers to learn more about them and presented our interviews in fun ways to the rest of the middle school during an assembly. We also worked on organization, learning our expectations, safety procedures and the schedule....
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Welcome to 5th grade

Welcome 5th graders!  We can’t wait to welcome you next week! The first few days of school will be dedicated to helping students adjust to being a middle schooler, social skills, expectations and learning about your teachers and classes. T First Day:  -You should bring a water bottle and snack -Lunch if you are not getting school lunch -Backpack -We will provide a planner, pencils, accordion binder, and pencil pouch -No tape is allowed in lockers so please bring magnets if you want to decorate! – Classes begin at 8:00. Your child should be at their locker by 7:50. Please...
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5th Grade Week of 6/3

What a year! We are happy to share our final 2018-2019 blog post with you for the 5th Grade! Please enjoy our class updates below, and have a wonderful summer! Humanities I am happy to share our final Humanities update with the 5th Grade community! First and foremost, I want to congratulate our students on their amazing work for the China Museum! Their hard work and creativity shone through beautifully on Tuesday, and I’m so proud of them. In addition, we are wrapping up our Revolution is Not a Dinner Party unit with students picking from a few creative writing options....
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