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Dear Family and Friends of Hannah Senesh, I hope you’ve all enjoyed the holiday season.  As some of you know, I have struggled with kidney disease for years and since the summer my kidneys have gotten worse. I have been extremely lucky to have had a swift admittance to the Renal Transplant Program at New York Presbyterian to undergo a kidney transplant. I’m also lucky that my brother Nelson will be my donor and we will undergo the kidney transplant together on January 24th.  I will be out of work for about three months. With just a few weeks to go, I wanted to...
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Chocolate Factory and Touring the North of Israel

Field Trip Preparations Most of our writing this week was spent preparing for our field trip to Cacao Prieto, a kosher chocolate factory in Red Hook, Brooklyn. We began the week by learning how to make chocolate, and took turns reading each slide in a slideshow. Check out the slideshow we created and learned from here. We practiced putting the steps in the correct order, and made illustrations to show what we learned. Then, we focused on the who of chocolate making, taking time to recognize each person and each job that is involved in making chocolate. We thought about...
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Middle School Testimonials

What’s Special about Middle School at Hannah Senesh? I’ve been at Senesh since Kindergarten and have noticed a really big change between Middle School and Lower School. In Middle School, you get to make your own choices and the teachers trust you to take care of yourselves. There are also so many great classes and trips that we get to take. The trips are all connected to what we’re learning about and related to our education. I’m excited to go on a trip to an urban farm in a few weeks and then to Israel in 8th grade! -Isaac Silverman,...
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A 5th Grader Plays in the 8th Grade Musical

By Leela Skolnick and Orly Abel As part of the Journalism and Social Media Chug November 14, 2017 Sylvie Lipskar will be the first fifth grader to play in the band for the Eighth grade musical. We spoke with Sylvie who said she is excited, but a little nervous about the possibility of messing up. Sylvie was initially in our Journalism and Social Media Chug, but then switched to the Orchestra Chug so that she could practice for this upcoming event. She will miss the Journalism Chug, but is very excited to be involved in the eighth grade musical. Sylvie...
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Parent/Teacher Conferences

by Ali Heffez and Ronit Nolte Written as part of the Journalism and Social Media Chug November 16, 2017 One of the hardest time for students is parent/teacher conferences. Many children get scared because they don’t know what their teachers will say to their parents. On the other hand, some children are very confident and happy when it comes to parent/teacher conferences because it’s a time for their parents to be proud of them. When we interviewed some students and teachers about parent/teacher conferences, we noticed that a few fifth graders think that parent/teacher conferences are fine. They feel that...
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Aly Raisman: Born to be a Gymnast

By the Fall  2017 Journalism and Social Media Chug Not only was Aly Raisman born in 1994, she was born to be a gymnast. Aly started gymnastics at an early age and quickly became a strong and confident competitor. Aly first became interested in the sport when she participated in a “Mommy and Me” gymnastics class at the age of two. She went with her mother, who was also a gymnast. Aly loved gymnastics from the very start and began training with coaches. She wasn’t always destined for gold, however. When she was six, while the rest of her gymnastics...
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Oct 30 – Nov 3

This was a very exciting week in 5th grade! Students received additional lockers to share with a partner for their bags and coats. We worked on organizing our materials so we can maximize our 5 minute break in between each class. We also worked on using kindness and empathy while at our lockers and sharing the space in the best way possible. Our second Mindfulness advisory occurred on Thursday. Students learned about Mindful Listening. They spent time listening to the sounds around them as they laid on the recess roof.  On Friday students participated in a team building game. We...
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