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November 3, 2017

Oct 30 – Nov 3

This was a very exciting week in 5th grade! Students received additional lockers to share with a partner for their bags and coats. We worked on organizing our materials so we can maximize our 5 minute break in between each class. We also worked on using kindness and empathy while at our lockers and sharing the space in the best way possible. Our second Mindfulness advisory occurred on Thursday. Students learned about Mindful Listening. They spent time listening to the sounds around them as they laid on the recess roof.  On Friday students participated in a team building game. We...
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Reading Groups, Writing Celebration and More!

Math This week in math we were regrouping machines! We regrouped in the ones, in the tens, and even in the hundreds. Some of us were challenged with numbers in the thousands! We reviewed the concept that if the sum of a number is more than 9, a two digit number, we must regroup. Next week we will be starting subtraction with regrouping. If you want to help your child get a head start, practice subtraction facts this weekend! Reading We had a big week in reading as we began our reading groups. Some groups worked on prefixes, idioms, and...
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6th Grade News: 10/30-11/3/17

MATH: In both math classes we worked on one and two step equations. We learned how to solve for the variable and how to figure out how to write an equation from a word problem. 6Y took a quiz on two step equations while 6X will be taking the same quiz on Tuesday. Our next unit will be graphing with x and y coordinates and how to figure out how to graph a linear equation. It’s been a fun long week. Hope everyone has a great, relaxing weekend!   HUMANITIES: This week in humanities, students delved into several deep and meaningful...
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Week 9: Monday, October 30th – Friday, November 3rd

Advisory:  This week in advisory, students learned about mindful bodies- still and calm and mindful listening. Next, we discussed what are the behavioral expectations from 8th graders, and then the students shared their thoughts on the tragic events in Tribecca. Hebrew and Heritage:  Dear parents, This week the students finished taking the Avant test. Next, HaKbatza Aleph read texts about how school used to be many years ago vs. today. HaKbatza Bet is working on an individual project:: being a tour guide and presenting the itinerary of a trip. I wish everyone a wonderful weekend, Andreea and Ilana Humanities:  Literature...
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Oct 30th – Nov 3rd

Hebrew This week the middle school continued the proficiency-based online assessment they started last week.  We use this assessment twice a year (beginning & end) and look into all four skills: Reading, Writing, Speaking and Listening. As this is a proficiency-based test, there is no need to prepare for it.  There are two main goals for this test. The first is for the school to assess a student’s progress through the year as well as across the grades. The second is to see patterns of progress which will help adapt our curriculum and instruction as needed. The results of this assessment are...
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A Busy Ninth Week!

Dear Third Grade Families, We learned so much this past week! In Social Studies, we started learning about the Lenni Lenape, which is the Native American tribe that lived in New York City back in 1600. We started by looking at a map of Manhattan from the 2000s, and comparing it to a map of what Eric Sanderson (a landscape ecologist) — through research — believed Mannahatta (land of many hills)  looked like in 1600. Students noticed that the Hudson River looked wider back then. Some wondered if the water level had dropped and maybe that’s why the land is...
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Having Fun with Friends!

Dear Families, This week was great in Kindergarten! We see many new friendships and wonderful interactions developing among children in both groups! To encourage these friendships and learning experiences, we set up many engaging activities every morning from 8:15-8:45. It’s the most peaceful and creative time in our class! Also, on Friday, we took another trip to Carroll Park to explore different physical activities and a variety of games with friends. In Math, we learned about measuring and comparing length and weight using standard and non-standard units. We talked about longer v. shorter, taller v. shorter, and heavier v. lighter....
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Enter November

Hello Fourth Grade Families! It’s hard to believe it’s already November, which means Parent-Teacher Conferences are around the corner! Please remember to sign up for a slot with our teachers as spaces fill up quickly. We’re very excited in the fourth grade because our Living Museum event is coming up soon! Students have been working hard on their projects and getting ready to show them to you. We hope you will join us on November 20! Shabbat Shalom! -The Fourth Grade Team PEEK AT NEXT WEEK: Tuesday, November 7 – Hannah Senesh Yartzeit Tekes, 9:15 am Thursday, November 9 –...
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