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Archived 2017 – 2018 School Year

Chanukkah, Olive Oil, Self Care

Chanukkah Fun with Buddies! We had two candle lighting celebrations this week. On Wednesday we practiced lighting just our class, and on Thursday we got together with our sixth grade buddies for candle lighting and dreidel playing. Chanukiyot made in art class also went home this week, as well as dreidel presents from the PA. Happy Chanukkah to all the second grade families! Olive Oil Factory in honor of Chanukkah, we had another visit from Rabbi Fried who came to show us how to make olive oil. First we got to see and touch fresh olives. Then we put them...
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5th Grade Week of 6/11

CHUMASH: What a fantastic end to the year! Students chose a character or object from the Joseph Stories we have studied this year and conducted an interview with them to hear from a new point of view. They asked their character questions that touched on some main ideas that we have explored this year. The presentations were funny, reflective and so unique! I am so impressed with the progress of this class in their text skills as well as their growing ability to really listen and deeply reflect together. I wish you all a wonderful summer and I can’t wait  to...
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6th Grade News: The “Happy Summer” Edition

HUMANITIES The last week of school was filled fun and creative learning opportunities in Humanities. We put on Greek mythology skits for our second grade buddies, held our final “Wacky Word Olympics” with all of our vocabulary words, analyzed our favorite song lyrics, and shared current events articles of our choice. Most memorably, of course, we presented our 6th Grade Greek Symposium. The students were so proud to share all of their hard work with you. Thank you for being an enthusiastic and inquisitive audience as they showed off their research and artifacts. Here is a slideshow from the event,...
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So Long, Farewell

Dear Fourth Grade Families, Unbelievable as it is to imagine, we have arrived at the end of our very eventful school year. Over these past ten months, your children have grown so much and learned a great deal. What’s greater, they have taught their teachers unforgettable lessons about kindness, determination, and friendship as well. We’ve been through so much together this year, from fun events such as the Sukkah Sleepover, Chanukah Play, Oregon Trail Day, field trips, and the end of the year performance, to big transitions, such as Miriam’s departure and Alisa’s arrival, and Middle School orientation. Fourth graders...
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Week 38: Monday, June 11th – Friday, June 15th

Community Service On Tuesday, the 8th graders helped do so much needed work in Coffey Park in Red Hook.  Students helped clean up trash and lay mulch in the park. Hebrew Dear parents, It’s hard to believe, but THIS IS OUR LAST BLOG:( I am so proud of your children for completing this year, with many laughs, some tears and also a lot of Hebrew! This year, the students focused on honing their verbal skills while also learning about Israeli culture. They ended the year with a written autobiography and a short personal movie. https://drive.google.com/file/d/1cR6_jr2lEn_trvHgUGF6_UqPh5NMhp5X/view?usp=sharing Today, they said goodbye to the...
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June 11 – June 15

Science  This final week in science we applied our learned engineering skills from this course to an egg drop activity. Students had to select 12 of 20 possible materials in order to drop an egg from a height without breaking. This interactive final activity allowed the class to enjoy the building process one last time. We laughed when some eggs did not survive the fall and were surprised at others that did survive after a huge thump sound. This year has been filled with successes and growth of science abilities. We cannot wait to continue hands on science next year...
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The LAST Day!

Dear Third Grade Families,   Wow! What an amazing year we had that zoomed from September to June FAR too quickly! Talia and I want to say thank you to all of our families for your wonderful support, moments of laughter, and selfless volunteering — the year would not have been as successful without each and every one of you!   Third Graders had an AMAZING performance, of the NYC Play, on Wednesday! They sang their hearts out, acted and spoke lines like professionals, and truly had a ball up there on stage. They wow’d EVERYONE in the audience, bringing...
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Last Week of Second Grade

What a week! We had a wonderful last week of school, packed with visiting students, performances, and celebrations. We welcomed the new incoming students with a special game and breakfast, went to our sixth grade buddies Greek Symposium, saw the third grade New York play, and had our last trip to the Cobble Hill Health Center. We did a lot of reflecting this week on our year together and feel so lucky to have been a part of your child’s educational journey. We wish you all a wonderful summer! Buddy Time Science For the last week of science we read...
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First Grade

We had a wonderful last week of first grade! We wrapped up units, reflected on the year, and had fun enjoying each other’s company. Check out the pictures from our water day below!   In Math we wrapped up our unit on money with a Parfait Cafe! First graders each had a pretend dollar to spend on toppings for a yogurt parfait. They had to add up the total and tell us how much change they should get.   In Writing Workshop, we reflected on all the different genres of writing we learned this year: small moment stories, opinion writing,...
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The Last Week of Kindergarten!

Dear Kindergarten Families, This week, we mostly had FUN, FUN, FUN in Kindergarten! We followed our children’s planning and had pinkalicious/ninja day, backwards day, pajama day with an ice cream party, and sprinklers day! We had a wonderful year watching your children learn and grow and we hope you all have a fantastic summer! In Math, we completed our unit on coins. We sorted different kinds of coins and learned about their names and how much they are worth (penny, nickel, dime, quarter). We enjoyed exploring the coins you brought in from other countries! (and sent them home in your...
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