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2020-2021 School Year

What’s Happening in 5th- Final Edition!

Humanities  We did it! This year we’ve read novels, written essays, traveled through ancient civilizations, and kept up with current events. In these final weeks, the 5th graders wrote a biography about a famous woman in history, finished reading Seedfolks, and wrote themselves into the book by creating an additional chapter with their own story. In Social Studies, they created board games traveling through the duat, the Egyptian afterlife. To finish up the year, we played each other’s games and watched Wonder. I am endlessly proud of the resilience and work put in by each of the 5th graders this...
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Friday, June 11 — the last day 😭

Math with Justin Fourth Graders finished the year learning about customary and metric measurement. Our students learned the different units for measuring weight, length, volume, and temperature. We also learned about some of the different prefixes from the metric system (micro-, milli-, centi-, kilo-, mega-, etc) and how they are used with different base units. We also finished up the year reviewing important concepts from earlier in the year such as multiplying fractions, multi-digit multiplication and division, and strategies for solving word problems. It’s been a wonderful year for our fourth grade mathematicians. I’m very proud of their growth and work....
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Kindergarten Blog 6/10/21

Dear Families, We made it to the end of the year! Thank you all for being our partners in the Kindergarten journey! Enjoy these pictures from our last few school days! Shabbat Shalom, and Have a Great Summer! Dawn, Anat, Talia, and Atalya   Music with Heidi Kindergarteners ended off their musical year with a review of their skills – they performed their Music Rules rap to tempos and dynamics of their choosing, sung Bonnie the Beautiful Butterfly, played their shakers, created rhythms with their rhythm sticks, created a thunderstorm with their body movements and danced with their scarves to...
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Friday, June 4 2021 — an amazing publishing party!

Hebrew with Rimma It is hard to believe that we are almost at the end of the year. In our Hebrew class we are wrapping up our unit about Music. Students developed their vocabulary on this topic and practiced their speaking, listening and writing skills. They learned how to change the direct to indirect speech by using reporting verbs like ‘say’, ‘tell’, and the word ‘that’ to introduce the reported words. Students learned declensions of the prepositions and practiced these rules in speaking and writing. We read a few fables that deliver important lessons and morals and how it’s relevant...
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Kindergarten Blog 5/28/21

Dear Families, In Math, we have started learning about coins! So far, we have covered pennies, nickels, dimes, and quarters. Students are beginning to learn about their values, how to add them together, and how we can use money to buy things. We also discussed how most countries have their own money, and had the chance to look at coins and bills from other places around the world, including Canada, Chile,  China, Europe, and Israel. Students also saw and compared some interesting US currency, including a 2 dollar bill, two different five dollar bills, and a variety of dollar coins....
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Friday May 7 — Welcome to Half Group Central

Humanities with Hilary Dear Families, Can you believe that we have 22 more days of school, and we FINALLY get to feel like we’re a bit back to normal by having half groups?! Today was the big switch. In room 117, we have the 4A Fish Squad🐟🐠🐡, and in room 116 we have the 4B Bulls. There was definitely some nervous energy as they returned from lunch, and slowly went their way to their new (or the same) classroom. When asked how they felt about this change, some responses were It feels abnormal I feel happy It feels weird …...
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Kindergarten Blog 5/6/21

Dear Families, This week in Kindergarten, students began learning subtraction. We played a fun game where students pretended to be cows, and could be sent to either the barn (desks) or the field (floor spots). We told number stories about the cows (For example: there are 4 cows standing in the field. 2 of them go back to the barn. How many are still in the field?). Students had fun practicing subtraction and doing lots of moooovement. Each pod had a publishing party, at which they had the chance to read their stories to several classmates and two adults. The...
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Friday, April 23 — April Showers Bring ….

Hebrew Heritage with Tomer The 4th grade heritage strengthened their vocabulary and how to use keywords in past tense. We are also getting ready to Lag Bomer and learning about the history that led to that event. Judaic Studies with Phyllis After learning the stories about the upstanding communities in Billings, Montana (Not in Our Town) and Denmark during World War Two The fourth graders delved deep into the moral question of whether  “good people’s silence” can be “as damaging as the bad people’s actions.” They reinforced their understanding of the vocabulary “perpetrator, victim, bystander and upstander” by creating visual representations of the different roles in a...
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Kindergarten blog 4/23/21

Dear Families, In Social Studies we are continuing to make maps.  Ater making maps of their bedrooms at home, children made maps of imaginary towns that included streets that they named as well as places they wanted to have in their towns.  This led to a trip out to the front of the building to make a map of Smith Street.  We first looked at the buildings, noting their size and purpose (grocery store, pizza place, apartment building, coffee shop, offices, school).  We then looked at the many structures on the sidewalk and talked about their functions (bike racks, parking signs, gardens, street signs, parking payment...
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Friday April 16 — Happy Birthday, Israel!

Humanities with Hilary Yom Ha’Atzmaut, Israel! We’re excited to celebrate you today 🥳 Fourth Graders have been learning a LOT since we last updated you 😱 In ELA, we have worked on: persuading an audience that one of the amendments from the Bill of Rights is THE most important most students chose the following amendments: First Amendment –> freedom of speech/protest/religion/press Third Amendment –> the assurance that the government or military will never force you to have the military live in your home Ninth Amendment –> the right for humans to have rights NOT specifically stated in the Constitution Tenth...
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