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December 5, 2019

December 6th

Hebrew with Rimma and Tomer In Hebrew we practiced verbal skills by introducing places that are familiar. We studied how to introduce the places and the people in our neighborhoods and discussed what is special in our neighborhood and what makes it so nice to live in. We recombined learned vocabulary creatively into a short paragraph by using verbs in the present tense and paying a lot of attention to some differences between Hebrew and English. Now we know that in Hebrew we say “people nice “or “neighborhood  beautiful“ instead of “ nice people “ and “beautiful neighborhood “. We have been hard at...
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December Begins! (8th Grade Blog)

Hello, Senesh families, These past few weeks in humanities, students have been accomplishing a lot! In ELA, we began reading and acting out The Crucible. Students are getting so excited to choose their characters and act out this crucial American masterpiece! In Social Studies, we have just finished our unit on Colonial America, and students took a cumulative test over the material, ranging from the first European contact up until the time of the Salem Witch Trials. Additionally, the students have been doing really beautiful volunteer work with the elders at the Ezra Project Center. On Tuesday of last week,...
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Kindergarten Newsletter

Dear Families, We have launched our new writing unit “Show and Tell” and are busy writing about things we really care about, including our stuffed animals from home.  We are working extra hard on looking closely to add details, writing more on the page, and hearing more sounds as we spell.  We will soon move into writing pattern books! In math, we continued to explore counting strategies as we count bigger groups of objects.  We also are comparing and ordering numbers using less than, greater than, and equal.  Our new favorite card game is “top it!” We have enjoyed working...
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Week of December 2

Hebrew with Rimma and Tomer In our Hebrew class we brainstormed about different objects and why they are unique. Each of us chose one object and wrote a paragraph, exploring a bit further and bringing our objects to life: where is it coming from, what is it made of and what makes this special to us. In addition, we are practicing for our Hebrew play which just around the corner and we are very excited about it.      Judaic Studies with Ariana Fourth grade students continue learning Chumash, Parshat Toldot. With the help of our Chavruta partners,we have been...
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6th Grade News: 11/18 – 12/5/19

Advisory: In advisory check-ins, we’ve continued to discuss on how to stay on top of academic work. We talk about prioritizing certain assignments, checking Jupiter Ed, and communicating with teachers about missing or late work. During full advisory periods, we’ve recently focused on handling tricky social scenarios and communicating as part of a team. Some team challenges we participated in this week: How tall can your team build a card tower? How fast can your team pass a hoola hoop through all of your bodies? How can we best communicate to complete these tasks and others efficiently and effectively? Through...
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Publishing Party

Publishing Party Thank you for attending the second grade publishing party! The joy and excitement from both students and parents was radiating throughout the room. We are all so proud of what the second graders have worked towards and accomplished so far this year. We spent this week in writing finishing up our opinion writing pieces and illustrating our book covers. While the past few weeks focused on writing our introduction and our supporting reasons, this week was all about ending our writing on a persuasive note! We talked about the role of the conclusion, both as a way to...
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Our Week in Fifth Grade- 12-6-19

We hope that everyone had an enjoyable Thanksgiving break. We are thankful for getting to spend our days with each of your students. Read on to find out what we have been learning in fifth grade.  Humanities:  The students have continued working on their research essays. After taking notes from a variety of online and print sources, they learned how to organize the notes into categories which translated to the body paragraphs of their essays. Once the notes were in categories, we worked on writing an introductory paragraph beginning with a hook, followed by background information, and ending with a thesis...
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