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Sixth Grade Blog

6th Grade End-Of-Year Wrap Up 6/9/23

Humanities:  It’s been a full, fun, and productive year in humanities! As we close out our final units, I feel so proud of how the students have stepped up as learners and leaders. We wrapped up our Social Studies curriculum with a final test on Rome and a discussion about Rome’s fall and legacy (and then, of course, a class celebration!). When students study American history in seventh grade, they will be prepared to find countless connections between our own country’s past and the classical civilizations we examined this year. From America’s founding principles to its government, art, and architecture,...
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6th Grade News 3/3/23

6th Grade has accomplished so much this past month! Read the blurbs below and check out the photos. This week’s photos show the 6th graders… –Running their Tu B’Shevat fair booths for the rest of the school –Participating in team challenges in advisory class –Sharing their Judaic Studies art And more!   Judaic Studies In Judaics class, we have been moving through our Jewish year, learning about the New Year for trees during Tu Bishvat, moving through the book of Shemot watching Moses’s rise from helpless baby floating in the reeds to chosen prophet of G-d during the encounter at...
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6th Grade: Winter Updates 1/27/23

Math: In math, 6th graders have been focusing on dividing fractions and operations with decimals. They have been engaging in hands-on activities and real-world problem solving to deepen their understanding. They are currently working on a project where they will be creating apartment complexes. The models will be inspired by Architect, Moshe Safdie. Students will analyze the cost and revenue of their apartment complexes based on windows and floor level. They will present their apartments to the class next week.  The next topic we will cover is: Rational Numbers.  Katie Humanities  January has been a busy month with full weeks...
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6th Grade: Pre-Winter Break Updates! 12/16/22

Humanities  It was wonderful seeing so many of you at our Heroes Convention this week! The students were proud to show off their hard work and I’m glad you were able to share in their learning. As you saw at our event, students have been exploring our content through a variety of media these past few weeks, including visual art, analytical writing, and creative digital projects. They examined the people in their independent biography books, considering their heroic and non-heroic qualities. Simultaneously, as we finished reading The Odyssey, we interrogated Odysseus’s character in a similar way: do his legendary accomplishments...
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6th Grade Fall Updates 11/11/22

Humanities:  It was so nice to meet you all at our parent-teacher conferences this week and last. I couldn’t have more positive feedback to share about your kids! Here are some updates about reading, writing, and social studies from these past few weeks… In ELA, we’ve been following Odysseus’s thrilling and dangerous adventures in The Odyssey. While we read Gareth Hinds’s graphic-novel version of the class tale, students are tracking big ideas and character traits like “Temptation v. Self Restraint,” “Hospitality,” and “Hubris” – or excessive self-pride. We discuss Odysseus’s complexity as a literary hero; sometimes he shows admirable qualities...
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6th Grade First Weeks! 10/7/22

Humanities: These past few weeks in ELA, we’ve read lots of fun and surprising stories about several of the Olympian Greek gods, including Zeus, Hera, Athena, and more. While reading, we are beginning to look more deeply into the text and practice drawing conclusions about characters based on textual evidence. In addition, we took a step back to consider how a culture’s particular mythology informs its values and belief systems, and how these stories answer “BIG questions” like: Where did we come from? Why are we here? What is our purpose on earth? For example, we learned about how origin...
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Welcome to 6th Grade! 9/2/22

Humanities  My name is Naomi Forman, and I’m looking forward to another year as a 6th grade humanities teacher and advisor. Along with all of the returning Senesh students, we are lucky enough to welcome ten new classmates to our 6th grade community this fall. I know our expanded community will bring diversity and new perspectives, and I anticipate a joyful year of learning as the students move to the top floor of the building!  In Social Studies and English Language Arts, students can expect to engage deeply with texts: they’ll read critically for deeper meaning and draw connections to...
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6th Grade News: End-of-Year Edition

Humanities:  It’s hard to believe we’re already at the end of the year, and it feels good to welcome the summer season with a sense of hopefulness and normalcy. I so enjoyed teaching all of your children this year! It was fun to end the year with creative, hands-on projects in both Social Studies and ELA. As you witnessed at the parent showcase last Friday, students finished the semester in ELA with a literature and project-based unit all about social justice. They completed social action projects inspired by the books they read in small book clubs: The Pants Project, and...
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6th Grade News 5/20/22

Humanities:  It’s been an exciting few weeks in humanities as we’ve started several new units. As I wrote about via email, we are currently in the midst of an ELA unit all about social activism. In small book clubs, students are reading and discussing middle-grade novels about kids their own age who are fighting for social justice causes. Simultaneously, students are planning and enacting their own mini social action projects. The projects are all somehow related to the three main topics of our books: Racial Justice, LGBTQ+ Equality, and the Environment/Sustainability. Students’ projects vary widely; some groups are making websites,...
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6th Grade News: 4/8/22

Humanities These past few weeks, students worked hard to write, edit, and polish their Rome research essays about a wide range of topics, including Roman engineering, architecture, art, and more. They should be proud of their final drafts; for most of them, it’s the longest essay they’ve ever written at 6-8 paragraphs! Students also learned how to adapt ideas from research and cite their sources responsibly, writing both in-text citations within the body of the essay as well as a complete and properly-formatted bibliography at the end of the essay. I’m sure you’ve seen your child working hard on their...
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