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6th Grade News: 11/13/20

Advisory: In 6th grade advisory periods and morning meetings this month, we’ve focused on a variety of important academic and social skills. We identified and practiced healthy behaviors on social media, and then followed up with discussions about the role of non-verbal communication. Students are beginning to see how those all-important non-verbal cues are not present when we text or type online (emojis aside . . .! ), and we hope that they will keep this in mind when they decide how and when to communicate messages online. Other advisory topics have included reading and following all instructions (and doing so independently!), time management strategies,...
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6th Grade News: 10/9/20

General 6th Grade + Advisory The first month of school this year has been different than any other! Students and teachers alike are slowly but surely adjusting to a hybrid schedule and to learning routines that best ensure our health and safety. We are also embracing the surprise benefits of these strange times, including an influx of innovative digital learning tools that are useful now more than ever, as well as new opportunities for community-building — both grade-wide and in our tight-knit pods, both virtually and in person. Thank you for your patience and support from home as we continue...
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Welcome to 6th Grade! 9/11/20

Humanities:  My name is Naomi Forman, and I’m looking forward to another year as a 6th grade humanities teacher and advisor. While this year may feel different and strange at first, I’m confident that together we’ll learn joyfully, challenge ourselves academically, and grow even stronger as a community. I can’t wait to continue to see many 6th grade faces (though mask-covered!) back in our friendly and colorful classrooms, and I’m also excited to try out innovative digital platforms during our remote classes online. In Social Studies and English Language Arts, students can expect to engage deeply with texts: they’ll read...
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6th Grade News 2/10 – 3/6/20

Humanities:  In humanities classes these past few weeks, we’ve wrapped up a few different units and projects. Firstly, students revised, peer-edited, and turned in their ancient Rome research essays. These essays represent weeks of research, writing, and hard work; students should be proud of all the learned and accomplished! Soon, we’ll hopefully create a physical project related to our research topics, and we’ll be able to share those projects with parents. In the meantime, ask your child to show you their research essay and ask about what they learned! You might ask: What is the most interesting or surprising thing...
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6th Grade News: 1/27 – 2/7/20

Kindness Week:  As many of you know, Hannah Senesh celebrated our own Kindness Week last week. As part of the celebration, students performed acts of kindness around school, in their homes, and in their communities. These included giving away clothes, putting away other people’s computers, complimenting others, cleaning, helping friends with homework, and more. They also had a wonderful time meeting up with their 2nd grade buddies to play a kindness-themed board game and share treats that the 2nd graders made. See photos of their time with their buddies below!   Humanities:  These past few weeks, humanities classes have been...
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6th Grade News: 1/13 – 1/24/20

Advisory & Social Action:  In advisory this week and last, we have been focusing on the theme of kindness. We watched an inspiring video about a “chain” of kind gestures, which showed how one small thoughtful act can lead to many others. See the video at this link if you’re interested! Then, we thought about how we could re-enact this kindness chain in our own school, and 6th graders produced and acted in their own original videos on this topic. Once the videos are ready we can share them with you! Continuing with this theme, next week the entire school...
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6th Grade News: Happy New Year Edition

Advisory: In advisory this week, we were so lucky to have our own school’s mindfulness expert (and Judaics teacher!) Laura lead some sessions around managing stress with our 6th graders. She and the students discussed how their bodies respond physically when they feel stressed, how to manage these mental and physical feelings through mindfulness-related strategies, and more. On Friday, students practiced some of these strategies, including deep breathing and muscle relaxation techniques. We hope that these conversations and mindful practices will help our 6th graders manage anxiety in their academic and social lives. -Mike and Naomi, 6th grade advisors Judaics:...
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6th Grade News 12/9 – 12/20/19

Advisory:  This week in advisory, we participated in activities around the theme of self-control. We learned about the famous marshmallow experiment by watching this video, and then discussed how recognizing and controlling our impulses can help us become more successful both academically and socially. We also conducted our own experiment based off of the marshmallow one: Mike and I gave each student one hershey kiss at the beginning of class, and we told them that if they had enough control to not eat it throughout the whole class, then they could have more hershey kisses at the end of class....
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6th Grade News: 11/18 – 12/5/19

Advisory: In advisory check-ins, we’ve continued to discuss on how to stay on top of academic work. We talk about prioritizing certain assignments, checking Jupiter Ed, and communicating with teachers about missing or late work. During full advisory periods, we’ve recently focused on handling tricky social scenarios and communicating as part of a team. Some team challenges we participated in this week: How tall can your team build a card tower? How fast can your team pass a hoola hoop through all of your bodies? How can we best communicate to complete these tasks and others efficiently and effectively? Through...
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6th Grade News: 11/4 – 11/15/19

6th Grade Advisory:  In advisory this week and last, we’ve engaged with several important topics: Stress at school, how to communicate with a team, and how to respond to tricky social situations. To address some high levels of homework anxiety, Mike Noll and I (6th grade advisors) invited students to share time-management strategies with their classmates. We also discussed the importance of prioritizing, asking students: How do you know which assignment to work on first? Second? Last? Etc. It would be helpful if you continued discussing time-management strategies with your children at home! We’re lucky that in a few weeks,...
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