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Kindergarten Blog

Kindergarten Blog 6/2

Dear Kindergarten Families, It was another busy week in Kindergarten. Our butterflies emerged from their chrysalises, we have almost finished our last stories, and we started our map of Smith Street. On Friday, we had our final whole Lower School Kabbalat Shabbat and end of year Tekes, in which we sang two songs to the lower school: Parpar (a Hebrew song about butterflies, and Are You Living? (a Science song about living things). We came in on Monday morning to a cage full of butterflies! The Kindergartners spent time carefully sketching the new butterflies, recording data on their behavior, and...
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Kindergarten Blog 5/25

Dear Kindergarten Families, It was another very busy week in Kindergarten.  Students had a guest baker, attended two performances, and started some new units in Writing and Social Studies.   In General Studies we began our mapping unit in Social Studies. With great excitement students explored a variety of maps including maps  of the world, the United States, Brooklyn, the NYC subway, and NYC bike lanes.  We then made our own map of the classroom.  Next we will sketch and then map maps of Smith Street. In Writer’s Workshop we are working on publishing our last stories.  We have introduced three...
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Kindergarten Blog 5/12

Dear Kindergarten Families, What an exciting week! We’ve been busy with rehearsals for our Kabbalat Shabbat ceremony next Friday 5/19 at 9 am, hosting our buddies for a Family Museum, and Yom Sport on Tuesday. This week in Hebrew and Judaics, we enjoyed a spectacular Lag B’Omer field day! The Kindergartners loved the relay races and games, and learned super fun cheers. It was definitely a day to remember. We continued preparing for our special Kabbalat Shabbat ceremony with our families. This ceremony will take place on Friday May 19th at 9am. Please dress your Kindergartner in a white top,...
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Kindergarten Blog 5/5

Dear Kindergarten Families, We had a fun week in Kindergarten! The children had a great time making kiddush cups at the pottery studio. Kindergartners sculpted their own kiddush cups using slabs of clay. They learned to attach clay embellishments to their cups using the “scratch and attach” technique, and then painted their cups with different colors of glaze. We can’t wait to see how our cups turned out! Over the next few weeks, our cups will be fired in the kiln at the pottery studio, and then Kindergartners will get to show you their finished product at our special Kabbalat...
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Kindergarten Blog 4/27

Dear Kindergarten Families, The highlight of this week was without a doubt Yom HaAtsma’ut on Wednesday! In Writer’s Workshop, we spoke about the tools we have around the room to help Kindergartners do their best writing, and how to best use them. We talked about the various alphabet charts, the name chart, the word wall, and the snap word chart. We also introduced the vowel chart, and talked about how every word has vowels in it. In Reading we continue to practice reading and writing CVC words using several different vowels. Children continue to make good progress reading the books...
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Kindergarten Blog 4/21

Dear Kindergarten Families, We hope you all had a wonderful break. The kindergartners returned from vacation looking like 1st graders! In Handwriting, kindergartners have begun new handwriting workbooks, in which they practice writing full sentences, with a capital letter in the beginning, and a period at the end. We are emphasizing writing slowly and carefully to practice our best handwriting. In Writers Workshop, we read Fireflies, and are continuing to practice careful story planning and adding lots of details to make our stories interesting and exciting. We continue to work on leaving spaces between words, writing letters for every sound...
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Kindergarten Blog 4/4

Dear Kindergarten Families, It was so nice that our final day before break was so warm! We are definitely excited for Spring. The class had a lot of Spring cleaning work in preparation for Passover. In Writers Workshop, Kindergartners read “Roller Coaster”, which is an exciting story about a roller coaster! We examined details in the people’s facial expressions and noticed how some pages had sound effects. Children are continuing to work on writing complete sentences with spaces between words and punctuation, and that our stories have beginning, middle and ends. In Word Work Kindergartners learned two new snap words:...
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Kindergarten Blog 3/10

Dear Kindergarten Families, It was a wonderful week in Kindergarten, highlighted by a full day of activities on Purim.  We heard the Megillah, participated in a parade, went to a carnival, decorated and exchanged bags with our buddies, and heard about the seventh grade service project. For Purim, the students had a fun time creating groggers, masks, and clowns using all kinds of materials such as construction paper, paper cups, rice to make noise for the groggers and more!   In Hebrew class, we started reading the book “Caspion,” where we learned about different sizes: big-גדול gadol, medium-בינוני benoni, and...
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Kindergarten Blog 3/3

Dear Kindergarten Families, It was so wonderful to welcome back the Kindergartners into their new groups, as well as welcome to our class two new students: Michael and Lenny. We have been having conversations about friendship and being part of a classroom community as students adjust to the change. So far the children have been excited by the return to school and their new groups! And of course, Wednesday was our 100th day of school celebration! Kindergartners practiced counting to 100 by ones and tens, colored in snap words that filled up bubble letters of the number 100, and enjoyed...
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Kindergarten Blog 2/17

Dear Kindergarten Families, We had another busy week in Kindergarten, though of course today takes the cake. Today was packed full of exciting Pajama Day activities! We began our day with the Pajama Day Parade. The whole school paraded through the hallways singing “Mishe Nichnas Adar” משנכנם אדר at the top of our lungs, welcoming in the month of Adar! The month of Adar, according to the Talmud, is a joyous month, and so today was packed with fun and joyful events. Kindergartners also got to watch the 3rd and 4th grade talent show, which was so exciting and fun. Children...
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