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Kindergarten Blog

September 17: First Week of School!

​​Dear Kindergarten Families,   Please be sure to read the whole blog so as not to miss important reminders at the end!   We had a wonderful first week in Kindergarten! Even though we were only in school for 2 ½ days, lots happened during the first week of Kindergarten.  We started each day with a Morning Meeting where we started to get to know each other’s names with a different greeting each day. We sang Willoughby Wallaby and Baby Beluga. We began to learn about all the different routines such as putting our snacks and lunches in the correct...
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Welcome to Kindergarten!

Dear Kindergarten Families, Welcome to Kindergarten! We have been busy getting the classrooms organized and can’t wait to meet the students and begin our year together. Emailing the Team It is very important to use this email address and send messages to all three teachers rather than just one of us. Thank you!! kindergartenteam2021@hannahsenesh.org. Reminders: First day of Kindergarten is Monday, September 13.  This will be a short day which will begin at 8:45 and end at 11:15. Tuesday will be a full day, 8:25-3:30. We go outside in all weather. Please dress your student for the day’s weather.  Pack...
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Kindergarten Blog 6/10/21

Dear Families, We made it to the end of the year! Thank you all for being our partners in the Kindergarten journey! Enjoy these pictures from our last few school days! Shabbat Shalom, and Have a Great Summer! Dawn, Anat, Talia, and Atalya   Music with Heidi Kindergarteners ended off their musical year with a review of their skills – they performed their Music Rules rap to tempos and dynamics of their choosing, sung Bonnie the Beautiful Butterfly, played their shakers, created rhythms with their rhythm sticks, created a thunderstorm with their body movements and danced with their scarves to...
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Kindergarten Blog – 6/4/21

Dear Families, In phonics, we continue to work with vowel sounds and word families through games and puzzles. We are working on end of the year preparations, such as signs for eighth grade graduation. Students are also writing letters to their first grade teachers! They are writing about themselves, and what they want their teachers to know. As part of our coin study, Kindergarteners are creating a store. We are making some items to sell in our store, like mini crowns, paper airplanes, and notebooks. Students are discussing what jobs are needed in a store, how they should price the...
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Kindergarten Blog 5/28/21

Dear Families, In Math, we have started learning about coins! So far, we have covered pennies, nickels, dimes, and quarters. Students are beginning to learn about their values, how to add them together, and how we can use money to buy things. We also discussed how most countries have their own money, and had the chance to look at coins and bills from other places around the world, including Canada, Chile,  China, Europe, and Israel. Students also saw and compared some interesting US currency, including a 2 dollar bill, two different five dollar bills, and a variety of dollar coins....
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Kindergarten Blog 5/6/21

Dear Families, This week in Kindergarten, students began learning subtraction. We played a fun game where students pretended to be cows, and could be sent to either the barn (desks) or the field (floor spots). We told number stories about the cows (For example: there are 4 cows standing in the field. 2 of them go back to the barn. How many are still in the field?). Students had fun practicing subtraction and doing lots of moooovement. Each pod had a publishing party, at which they had the chance to read their stories to several classmates and two adults. The...
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Kindergarten blog 4/23/21

Dear Families, In Social Studies we are continuing to make maps.  Ater making maps of their bedrooms at home, children made maps of imaginary towns that included streets that they named as well as places they wanted to have in their towns.  This led to a trip out to the front of the building to make a map of Smith Street.  We first looked at the buildings, noting their size and purpose (grocery store, pizza place, apartment building, coffee shop, offices, school).  We then looked at the many structures on the sidewalk and talked about their functions (bike racks, parking signs, gardens, street signs, parking payment...
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Kindergarten Blog 4/15/21

Dear Families, This week in Kindergarten, students practiced addition with a new game. Partners were given two cards, one with an animal, one with an equation (ex: Frogs, 2+7= ___). Together, they solved the problem, and came up with a story to fit the animal and the equation (ex: 2 frogs sat on a log. 7 frogs came to join them. All together there were 9 frogs. The end!). We are also reviewing handwriting steps, and have a brand new tool to use: chalk boards! We use different materials (chalk, sponge, water) to make each letter “the Kindergarten way.” Changing...
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Kindergarten Blog 3/12/21

Dear Families, It’s been an exciting and artistic week in Kindergarten! In math, students decorated their own Hundreds Charts, and practiced how to use them. We also played a game about ordering numbers. Kids were each given a card with a number on it (shuffled!), and then had to rearrange themselves so that their numbers were in order! We are also learning how to tie our shoes! Students each have a paper shoe to keep at school, and are able to practice tying the laces at points throughout the day. If you would like to practice at home, remind your...
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Kindergarten Blog 3/5/21

Dear Families, This week, we celebrated the 100th day of school! Students celebrated by counting to 100 as a group, making necklaces with 100 beads, doing a puzzle of the number 100 filled with snap words, and more!   In Judaics we went deeper into the Purim story and practiced telling it ourselves. We learned about the special mitzvot of Purim: Hear the Megillah, distribute Mishloach Manot (packages of food), donate/volunteer for Matanot L’evyonim to the less fortunate. It was so exciting to see everyone all dressed up, and we had fun listening to the big kids read from the...
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