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Kindergarten Blog

Kindergarten Blog 1/14

Dear Kindergarten Families,   This week, we learned the last part of the song The Dream of Martin Luther King to sing for Friday’s Tekes. We had a very special visitor, Professor Joel (Nitzan’s grandfather) Zoom in to talk about what it was like to be present at Dr. King’s I Have a Dream speech. Here is a recording of part of his presentation. Link    In addition to learning the song and Professor Joel’s visit, we spent time reading about and learning about Dr. King’s work.  Children learned a lot about the unfair laws that he tried to change...
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Kindergarten Blog 1/7

Dear Kindergarten Families,   Happy New Year! We were all so excited to see each other after the break. The children are settling back into our school routines, refreshed from Winter break, with lots of stories to share (some of which are making appearances during Writing Workshop).   In Social Studies we began our study of Dr. Martin Luther King Jr. Our focus will be on the unfair laws surrounding the rights of people of color in our country and the work that Dr. King did to change those laws.  We will also talk about his belief in non violence. ...
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K Blog 12/17

Dear Kindergarten Families,   This week, we learned a new song, This Little Light of Mine, started a brand-new unit in Science, and (perhaps the most exciting activity this week) labeled the classroom!     In Phonics there was great excitement as we worked to label all the various parts of the classroom.  With a partner students listened for the beginning, middle and ending sounds of things like the pencils, erasers, dinosaurs, shelves, tape, desks, and much much more.  They then recorded the letters on an index card and taped the cards around the room.    In Social Studies we had...
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Kindergarten Blog 12/10

Dear Kindergarten Families,   This week we celebrated the end of Chanukah, made veggie chili and corn muffins, and walked the food we made and extra produce down to the community fridge.   In our Morning Meetings, the students have taken on deciding how we greet each other as well as what our share topic would be. In Wednesday’s share, we discovered that the most popular favorite shape is a circle! We continue to sing our favorite songs and work on learning new ones. We also had the chance to see the pictures and videos of our Celebration of Learning.  ...
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K Blog 12/3

Dear Kindergarten Families,   What an eventful couple of weeks it’s been! Following Parent-Teacher Conferences, we prepared for our Kesher Day activities and enjoyed showing off our singing and morning meeting routines to the grandparents of Kindergarten. We also worked on our own diaries, and shared one time we were brave for the Hannah Senesh Tekes, honoring our school’s namesake. After that, our focus shifted to preparing for our big Hanukkah event in which we sang for the whole school, and of course, put together and practiced for our much-anticipated Publishing Party. One book that we had fun reading as...
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Kindergarten Blog 11/12

The biggest event of the week was certainly getting to see our Fourth Grade Buddies again. Activities included Fourth Graders reading stories to the Kindergartners, playing a game of Sharks and Sailors, and Kindergartners teaching the hand motions to and singing This Land is Your Land.  We look forward to seeing the Buddies again soon. We continue to love singing each morning and are working on singing one of our favorites, This Pretty Planet, as a round. Here is a link to Tom Chapin singing it.  We listen to this frequently at snack time.  This Pretty Planet In preparation for...
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11/5 Kindergarten Blog

Dear Kindergarten Families,   This week, we began with our student jobs! Every day, students have a new responsibility, like Teacher Helper, Sweeper, Blessing Leader, among others. We learned “Pretty Penny” and continued familiarizing ourselves with some of our newer songs like “You Are My Sunshine” and “Dreams of Harmony.”   In Phonics we studied the last student name: Olivia.  Vowels are tricky since they make so many different sounds but we were able to generate a good list of words that start with O.  We also practiced reading, writing, spelling, and using two new snap words: like and can....
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10/29 Kindergarten Blog

Dear Kindergarten Families,   This week in our Morning Meetings, students paired up with someone new each day to share something about ourselves, and then shared to the group what our partners said. The children are getting to know everyone and working on their listening skills! We introduced a tricky new song called “Dreams of Harmony,” where we sing “Goodnight” in many different languages. We also learned “You Are My Sunshine.” The big news of the week is that we have student jobs! The children were very excited to learn that starting Monday, everyone will have their very own classroom...
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10/22 Kindergarten Blog

Dear Kindergarten Families,   This week, we got creative with our greetings! We’ve gotten used to greeting each other individually in our Morning Meetings, but now we’ve added in fancy waves and movements to our greetings for friends to mirror back to us. We also learned a new alphabet song called “Alligators All Around.”   As part of our continued study of sharing about ourselves and learning about others, we had an interesting discussion about what Kindergarteners can do!  We made three lists, things that all Kindergartners can do (draw, play), things some Kindergarteners can do (read, ride a bike,...
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10/15 Kindergarten Blog

10/15 Kindergarten Blog   Dear Kindergarten Families,   This week we learned new games in Hebrew, Math, and P.E., sang new songs and old favorites, and are continuing to make friends with each other. In our Morning Meetings, we introduced two new songs: Down By the Bay, and This Land Is Your Land. We shared our favorite movies, books, places, and songs, and began a class-wide conversation about daily rotating student jobs, which will be introduced next week.    As we continued to set up our classroom for the year each child made their own batch of playdough, carefully following...
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