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March 10, 2023

Kindergarten Blog 3/10

Dear Kindergarten Families, It was a wonderful week in Kindergarten, highlighted by a full day of activities on Purim.  We heard the Megillah, participated in a parade, went to a carnival, decorated and exchanged bags with our buddies, and heard about the seventh grade service project. For Purim, the students had a fun time creating groggers, masks, and clowns using all kinds of materials such as construction paper, paper cups, rice to make noise for the groggers and more!   In Hebrew class, we started reading the book “Caspion,” where we learned about different sizes: big-גדול gadol, medium-בינוני benoni, and...
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First Grade News

Hello Families, It has been a very exciting week! We read Purim stories, played games and sang lots of Purim songs and we had so much fun celebrating Purim together! In Hebrew, we continued to learn how to describe ourselves using different action words and colors and then we practiced it in our reading, writing and speaking. We also learned how to write the letters samech,mem sofit (final mem) and yud in script InTefilah, we learned a new prayer from the Amida called hamachazir shechinato litziyon. The first graders had a wonderful conversation about where they believed God was and times...
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