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Kindergarten Blog 3/10

Dear Kindergarten Families,

It was a wonderful week in Kindergarten, highlighted by a full day of activities on Purim.  We heard the Megillah, participated in a parade, went to a carnival, decorated and exchanged bags with our buddies, and heard about the seventh grade service project.

For Purim, the students had a fun time creating groggers, masks, and clowns using all kinds of materials such as construction paper, paper cups, rice to make noise for the groggers and more!


In Hebrew class, we started reading the book “Caspion,” where we learned about different sizes: big-גדול gadol, medium-בינוני benoni, and small-קטן katan. 


In Judaic studies, we started our Shabbat curriculum learning about what Shabbat is and what it entails. The students learned how Shabbat connected to the story of creation.

In Writing this week, Kindergartners looked through their folders of all their recent stories and picked one to work on and revise, making sure that we include spaces between words and adding careful details to our pictures. We learned about adding periods to the ends of our sentences to help readers better understand our writing.


In Word Work and Handwriting, Kindergartners learned two new snap words: “went” and “was”. They also practiced lowercase letters “l” and “k”.


In Math, Kindergartners have continued working on subtraction stories. They also learned a new game called “Counters in a Cup”. In pairs, children start out with a certain number of counters, and one partner places some in a cup and some outside the cup. The other partner’s job is to figure out how many are in the cup based on how many remain outside of it.


In Social Studies, we have continued learning about different types of families. We read a book called “And Tango Makes Three”, a true story about two male penguins at Central Park Zoo that become mated and raise a penguin chick together.We did puzzles depicting many different types of families and discussed with partners who was in those families.  Children got to use our classroom dolls to create a family that is different from their own and describe who is in it.


As always, we concluded our week with Kabbalat Shabbat and our K/1 Sing.


Shabbat Shalom,


K Team