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April 4, 2023

Kindergarten Blog 4/4

Dear Kindergarten Families, It was so nice that our final day before break was so warm! We are definitely excited for Spring. The class had a lot of Spring cleaning work in preparation for Passover. In Writers Workshop, Kindergartners read “Roller Coaster”, which is an exciting story about a roller coaster! We examined details in the people’s facial expressions and noticed how some pages had sound effects. Children are continuing to work on writing complete sentences with spaces between words and punctuation, and that our stories have beginning, middle and ends. In Word Work Kindergartners learned two new snap words:...
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First Grade News

Hello Families, Our past seven days have been a whirlwind of preparation, celebrations, and our Seder. We had a very busy week learning about Pesach in the Hebrew classroom! We learned all about the ten plagues and learned a song to review the 10 Plagues in Hebrew and English. The first graders had so much fun making their own ten plague bags that they will take home to bring to their Seder. We reviewed everything we can find on the Seder plate (kearat seder) and what they symbolize. We also spoke about the meaning of the word chametz (food that we are not supposed to eat...
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