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Sixth Grade Blog

6th Grade Blog 9/17-9/28/18

HUMANITIES This week in Social Studies class, students learned all about what defines a civilization, and which features all civilizations have in common. For example, all have organized governments, their own forms of art and architecture, and big cities. Students then “created” their own civilizations — describing their civilizations’ important jobs, languages, government positions, and more. It was fun to hear about their creative, made-up worlds, and to see how they all incorporated the key features of a civilization in different ways. In ELA class, we are just beginning our first class text: The Epic of Gilgamesh. This tale, which...
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6th Grade News: 9/4-9/14/18

HUMANITIES The first few weeks in 6th grade Humanities have been short but busy! I have so enjoyed getting to know this insightful, energetic, and intellectual group of 6th graders. In ELA (English Language Arts), we’re spending these first few weeks focusing on our summer reading book, Bridge to Terabithia. We’ve used this novel as a lens through which to discuss important themes, like “friendship,” as well as literary terms that we’ll discuss throughout the year, such as direct and indirect characterization. In Social Studies class, instead of diving immediately into the history of the ancient world, we began the year by talking...
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Welcome to 6th Grade! 8/30/18

HUMANITIES: My name is Naomi Forman, and I’m so excited to teach your children in 6th grade grade humanities this year. In Social Studies and English Language Arts, students will learn to engage with texts in new ways; they’ll read critically for deeper meaning and draw connections to their own lives and the world around them. As we learn about ancient cultures in places like Egypt and Greece, they’ll examine how history continues to impact our lives today. They’ll also practice sophisticated reading skills as they track themes and literary devices in both fiction and nonfiction texts, and they’ll hone...
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