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September 27, 2019

6th Grade News: TEVA Edition

Dear parents, We hope you enjoyed our e-mail updates these last few days about our wonderful time at TEVA! Students had a blast hiking, exploring the natural environment, singing original TEVA songs, making food and ritual objects, doing tefila (prayer) outside in the sun, and more. Throughout the week, they strengthened bonds with good friends and formed new connections with other classmates. It was wonderful to see the students outside the classroom, learning in active and creative ways. I know it’s an experience the 6th graders won’t soon forget! Feel free to browse our TEVA photos at this link. You...
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First Grade News

This week in first grade we have been sharing and exploring, whether through learning how to play math games with partners, sharing personalized writing folders, or showing friends a structure we have built. In Reading we began looking at word families and patterns in spelling.  We also were introduced to finding a “just right book”.  Students book shopped in the classroom, making sure to find a book that was not too challenging, not too easy, but “just right”.  In read aloud books this week we explored the theme of apples.  We really enjoyed Apples by Gail Gibbons, which is a...
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Kindergarten Newsletter

Hello Families, Kindergarteners have been exploring how each of us is unique and discovering our special qualities.  After reading “We are different, we are the same” we explored our faces and the shapes of each feature.  We also compared similarities and differences between faces.  Using mirrors, we sketched out our faces using shapes, traced in sharpie, colored in crayon, and finished with a watercolor resist.  We studied the 3 colors in our skin and how to mix colors! As a part of learning our letters, we talked about why “A” (Aviv and Asher) is special.  We explored how it’s a...
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