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6th Grade News: End-of-Year Edition

It’s hard to believe that we’re already wrapping up our year in 6th grade humanities. It was a true joy to be able to work with this group of students, and I know that I’ll come away from the year having learned a lot from each of them.
We’re ending the year on a busy note, and spent time the past few weeks preparing for the Greek Symposium on Tuesday. The students worked hard to design ancient Greek “artifacts” that relate to their research topics; they’ll explain their design choices and the related content during their speeches at the event. Students also worked on public speaking skills while practicing their speeches, making sure to speak loudly, slowly, and clearly.
In addition, this past week, we participated in two interactive Social Studies. Firstly, we wrapped up our “Peloponnesian Summit” simulation. During the Peloponnesian Summit, students researched various topics related to ancient Athens and Sparta, and then delivered informative presentations on these topics. The second half of the summit featured passionate discussions, wherein students facilitated their own conversations about the “future” of ancient Greece. I encourage you to ask your child about their contributions to the summit! In addition, on Thursday, we held our very own 6th ancient Greek Olympic games. Students represented ancient Greek city-states (Argos, Miletus, Thebes, and Corinth), and competed in games that athletes would have really played so many years ago — including discus throwing and relay races.
Overall, I loved learning with such a spirited and intellectually curious group. I wish everyone a relaxing, rejuvenating summer, and I look forward to seeing the students as 7th graders in the fall!
It is hard to believe how fast the end of my two years with these incredible students has come! We are planning a “Siyum” Wednesday where students will share life lessons that they plan to take with them from the learning we have done together. Today I was almost in tears watching as they taught mini lessons about the moment when we received the Torah. They chose from a variety of texts that you will see in a Shavuot Family Study Sheet emailed today. They really showed how we each receive the Torah each year in a different way and how we can give the gift of our insights to each other. We also made kippot this week that they will be so excited to wear next year (pictures coming soon). Our last Israel class was also a highlights. Students looked at the Independence war from both narratives and had very deep reflections on war, bias, empathy and more. They really were able to put themselves in the shoes of both sides and see why the issues today are so hard to solve. I wish you all a wonderful Shavuot and long weekend.
Shabbat Shalom,
להורים שלום,
השבוע התלמידים סיימו כתיבת מבחני אבנט וכמו כן סיימו את הפרוייקט האחרון שלהם “חוויות” שבו סיכמו את השנה באמצעות שלושה אירועים מרכזיים שחוו במהלך השנה.
היה תענוג ללמד את ילדיכם המקסימים ומקוווה שנמשיך לעבוד יחדיו בשנה הבאה.
שתהיה לכם חופשה נפלאה,

Dear parents,

Hard to believe, but we are reaching the end of our journey together! It has been a real pleasure seeing your children evolve so much this year, grow in their confidence to speak Hebrew and in their love for Hebrew!
For their end of the year project, Hebrew 6K has written and prepared short skits using the learned vocabulary and structures. Hebrew 6J has prepared presentations using the learned vocabulary and structures. Next week you will receive a link to the end of the year skits and presentations that they recorded. I am proud of their achievements!
I wish everyone a great summer and look forward to seeing everyone back in September!


Science is wrapping up the year by exploring the concept of symbiosis and camouflage in the natural world. Students had an enjoyable time looking at pictures and seeing how these relationship work in the natural world. They created a slideshow on each concept and we shared them together as a class. This year has been filled with amazing hands on activities and project during the exploration of the biological world. Everyone has worked so hard during science to grow as a person, student and scientist. We look forward to continuing the exploration of science next year.  

Mike Noll


It has been a wonderful year teaching your children. We are finishing the year learning about different ways to collect and display data. We have had a great time interviewing each other for our data and learning about dot plots, histograms, and next week we will cover box and whisker plots. Hope you all have a wonderful summer!