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2021-2022 School Year

May in the 8th Grade

Humanities Between play rehearsals, the 8th Grade is hard at work drafting their Israel reflections and their graduation speeches. Heritage Hebrew להורים שלום, אני מקווה ששלומכם בטוב. לפני הנסיעה לישראל עבדנו על יחידת שורשים וזהות יהודית של תלמידי הכיתה שהייתה מאד מעניינת ומאתגרת. השבוע נעבוד על מבחני אוואנט שבודקת מיומנויות למידה, המאפשרת לנו להעריך ולעזור לתלמידים. שבת שלום, אילנה Judaic Studies We are beginning a new unit, themed to the play! 8th graders will be reflecting on the obligations between children and parents through Torah, Talmud, modern sources, and their own thoughts. What, if anything, do children owe to their...
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Kindergarten Blog 5/20

Dear Kindergarten Families,   This week has been so eventful! We baked challah, our caterpillars formed chrysalises, we celebrated Lag B’Omer in the park, and we had our Kabbalat Shabbat ceremony!   In Science, we are continuing to sketch our caterpillars, and on Wednesday, we made an extremely exciting discovery: many of our caterpillars have formed chrysalises, the third stage of a butterfly’s life cycle! We watched a 3-minute time lapse video that showed a caterpillar forming and leaving its chrysalis and then we got to transfer our chrysalises to their butterfly enclosure so that when they emerge, they’ll have...
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May 20, 2022 — What a Time to Celebrate!

Preparing for our Performance on June 2 @ 9am Dear Families, Please make sure that your students are practicing every night for this performance. There are songs both in Hebrew AND in English. We want to make sure that the songs are memorized. As well, each student has a line that they are saying to introduce the songs. Please have them memorize that line as well. An email was sent to you with the script and lyrics. Those plus the Blues song tracks can be found on Hilary’s google classroom page. Thank you! Rimma, Heidi, Tomer and Hilary Math with Justin...
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Second Grade Blog

In JS and Hebrew we continued learn about Lag Baomer and Rabi Akiva and his famous phrase ואהבת לרעך כמוך treat other people the way you treat yourself it’s a great rule of the Torah. We prepared signs and got excited for the Lag Baomer activities in the park…. We learned about Jerusalem Day and the importance of the capital of Israel. We read a book about Miriam and the ocean being ready for the Summer… The children were excited to practice their line and sing the songs for the Chumash Ceremony next week on Thursday May 26th.  

May 20: Holidays, Events, and Plenty of Fun

Humanities In reading, we are working our way through Seedfolks. As we read, we are studying real-world connections to the characters. For example, as we read about Leona each student chose a noteworthy woman from history to research and write a biography about. As we read about Tio Juan who spoke a native Guatemalan language, we learned about endangered languages and people/projects that are attempting to document these languages for preservation. We have reached the final stages of our argumentative essays in writing. This past week, the students incorporated a counterclaim and a quote. They also wrote their conclusion and then peer...
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6th Grade News 5/20/22

Humanities:  It’s been an exciting few weeks in humanities as we’ve started several new units. As I wrote about via email, we are currently in the midst of an ELA unit all about social activism. In small book clubs, students are reading and discussing middle-grade novels about kids their own age who are fighting for social justice causes. Simultaneously, students are planning and enacting their own mini social action projects. The projects are all somehow related to the three main topics of our books: Racial Justice, LGBTQ+ Equality, and the Environment/Sustainability. Students’ projects vary widely; some groups are making websites,...
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K Blog 5/13

Dear Kindergarten Families,   The last two weeks have been very exciting in Kindergarten. Last week, we had a school-wide Yom HaAtsma’ut celebration, and this week we got to paint Kiddush cups at the Painted Pot. We’ve been preparing for our Kabbalat Shabbat performance, which is a week from today! We have also been raising caterpillars and documenting their progress throughout the week and a half that we’ve had them.   In Science, we learned all about the life stages of butterflies, and learned about metamorphosis. Our classroom caterpillars grow a little bit every day and the children have noticed...
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First Grade News

Hello Families, In writing workshop, our opinionated 1st graders have been convincing us which item in their collection is the best! They line up their collection, compare the same thing on each item (best memory, best shape, best pattern, coolest outfit, etc), pick the best item, and give us reasons why. We learned that we need to convince our readers by giving many reasons, examples, and details.  To convince effectively, we are learning to say transitional phrases and words such as “for example”, “I think that because”, “also”, and “another reason is”. At home, please point out when kids are trying...
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Day 15: Safed and Travels Home

Today was our last day in Israel! We started by going to the city of Safed. There we learned about the origins of Kabbalah, a part of Judaism that focuses on the metaphorical. We saw old and new houses, and a beautiful beeswax shop. Then we explored a street in the city that was filled with art and artisanal jewelry stores. Then we headed to the Sachne, a freshwater spring, which we swam in. Now we are getting tested to go on the airplane back. See you soon! From, Reuben and Matias