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Third Grade Blog

Third Grade 1/22

Community Building As new pod groups we have been playing new games, reading stories, and getting to know each other better.  We even made fresh classroom rules to set the expectations for what we each need in order to be in a safe and joyful learning environment. We shared what the classroom should look like, feel like, and sound like, and how we can each support the class in having a positive learning experience. Students were super excited to get the chance to play with new kids during outdoor time or to get to learn in a new classroom environment....
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Third Grade 12/11

Community Building As we came back from Thanksgiving, we shared how excited we were to be back in school. We wanted to do hands-on activities, ones that we can enjoy most in the building together. After watching some Bob Ross painting videos, we felt inspired. We used watercolors and discussed Bob Ross’s techniques, his philosophy on how there are never any mistakes in art, and practiced noticing the details in our friends’ painting work. It felt great to be creative, and have new colorful artwork to put on our classroom walls! Social studies, Reading, Writing We have been hard at...
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Third Grade 11/20

Social Studies, Reading, Writing We have been mixing together all of our subjects in ELA these past 2 weeks! Third graders have been reading non fiction articles about the Lenape, listening to videos and taking notes, as well as writing these notes into paragraphs. We learned a new word- plagiarizing, and why we need to make bibliographies and cite our sources. We came up with different scenarios for other pods to read, and for them to decide if the scenario involves plagiarizing or not plagiarizing. As we delve into complex research skills, the third graders are rising to the challenge...
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Third Grade 11/6

Social Studies, Reading, and Writing Over the past few weeks we have been gearing up for the 2020 elections. We learned about the history of democracy and studied as well as wrote about 2 timelines of voting rights throughout the years. We read articles about the presidential jobs, the branches of government, and why we vote on Tuesdays. We also had a visitor join our class, our very own Lower School Coordinator, Shelley Fogelson, to share her experience becoming a citizen. Shelley asked the third graders the questions she had studied to become a citizen, it was awesome to see...
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Third Grade 10/23

Math In math, we tied up our unit on mental addition and subtraction. This section was about discussing the strategies we use to do math in our heads. The most well-known strategy is the break apart method. In this strategy, you separate each place value and add them independently. For instance, if you are adding 724+275, you would break it apart by doing: 700+200=900   20+  70=  90     4+    5=    9 900+90+9=999 Or maybe you would rather add 300 and then subtract 25? A large part of our mental math studies have been focused on discussions on how to...
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Third Grade 10/9

Break Time on 1st Place! Third graders enjoyed break time on the newly closed first place! We enjoyed reading, snacking, looking at trees, taking up more space, and running and building obstacle courses outside. Ask your third grader what their favorite break activity is! Celebrating Simchat Torah! We celebrated Simchat Torah along with the rest of the school today. Eighth graders brought the torah around the school for students to see and music played from the speaker. Two of the third grade pods had outdoor time during the celebration and got to dance outside! In Yahadut class we took an...
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Third Grade 9/25

Community Building With the full weeks of school we have been doing a lot of community building activities. Third graders have played “Would you Rather?” games to learn more about what they have in common. We have read books about perseverance and taking chances even when we are worried we may fail. We shared instances where we needed to persevere to achieve a goal, like riding a bike or practicing academic skills. We also discussed what we will need to persevere through this year, like wearing masks, staying a safe distance, and learning new things through Zoom or in person....
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First Week of Third Grade!

Community Building It has been an exciting week of reuniting with friends and teachers, learning new routines, and exploring some of the changes in the building. We welcomed a new student, and introduced ourselves to new teachers as well. We are thrilled to have our community expand with new and kind people! To start our day third graders played games to learn more about each other, delved into books about friendship, and shared their feelings about being back in school. We talked about how we love having our own desks, and started receiving more materials to add to them and...
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March 6th

Hebrew with Rimma Dear families, For the last two weeks, we have discussed different after school activities and studied related vocabulary. We brainstormed about equipment that we would need for a photography class, wrote a recipe for fruit and egg salad, and talked about different types of musical instruments and how to play them. Students expressed what it means to be a good teacher and discussed what kind of qualities a good teacher needs to have. Now, students are able to scan flyers about after school activities and find specific and important information. We will continue to explore this topic...
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February 6th

Judaic Studies with Ariana We have been working hard learning and getting truly inspired. We continue learning about food justice and we are getting ready to embrace our responsibilities as trash monitors in the lunchroom this upcoming week. Every third grader will embrace their duty by helping educate the school on good practices for recycling. They will share their thoughts on all that we have learned and a topic that resonated with them. We call this “Our statement”.    We have been learning new tefillot and we transition to a different siddur that contains most of the tefillot students recite...
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