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Third Grade Blog

June 8, 2019 — Best Days of Our Lives

Hebrew with Ilana Swisa This week the third grade were busy writing there last Hebrew paragraph about their favorite game and their favorite player. Next week it will be display on the third grade play. Shabbat Shalom Judaic Studies with Aliza This week in Judaics, third graders have been working hard on their Edot project. They are making posters telling the story of an Oleh (immigrant to Israel) from one of many Jewish communities around the world. Students have been looking up these communities, their synagogues, foods, and culture, and coming up with a history for their Olim. We also...
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May 24 — Lag B’Omer and Kesher Day

General Studies with Hilary Dear Third Grade Families, Can you believe it’s already the end of May? Time is flying and, boy, are we having fun! Here are some  updates of our adventures these past two weeks: Writing Over the past two weeks, we focused on the process of writing a draft. We took the notes already written and, similar to our Lenape project, turned those words into our own to create a flowing narrative. Through discussion, we decided that each chapter can look different. One way some students are doing this is by including diagrams, such as of inventions...
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May 10 — Celebrate Good Times!

General Studies with Hilary Dear Third Grade Families, Our first full week of May has gone by in a flash! We’ve had our first official rehearsal for our NYC Play, numerous math lessons, a strong focus on research writing (or information writing), book clubs and social studies. We had a wonderful time celebrating Israel yesterday, for Yom Ha’atzmaut!                   In book clubs, students are somewhere between halfway through with their books to having finished their first spring book! Some groups have really risen in their abilities to independently discuss what was read....
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April 18, 2019 – A Trip Through Time

General Studies with Hilary Dear Third Grade Families, What an experience we had, this past Wednesday, traveling back to the mid-1600s! Last Tuesday, the Third Grade went on a field trip to The Wyckoff House Museum, in Brooklyn. It is the oldest standing house in New York City, built in 1652. During this year, Petrus Stuyvesant was Director of New Amsterdam, but Dutch and European Jews had not yet arrived in the New World. Before Stuyvesant, the people of New Amsterdam had already seen six Directors come and go, and they were working hard to prosper as a colony. By...
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April 5 — Trips Galore!

PE with Anne A few weeks ago, Anne video’d the students during a special activity. Watch them here! General Studies with Hilary Dear 3rd Grade Families, What a whirlwind of trips we are having! Last week to the Brooklyn Bridge, this week to the Skyscraper Museum, and next week to the Wyckoff House — so much of New York City’s history is being explored! Social Studies: Over the past few weeks, students have been learning all about bridges! In Science, they learned the best shapes to use in bridge building, how caissons work, and how cables are put together. In...
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March 25 — פורים שמח [Purim Sameach]

General Studies with Hilary Dear Third Grade Families, March has come in like a lion, and is going out like a lamb. We have experienced SO many weather changes over the past three weeks — let’s see what’s in store. The kids are VERY excited for our trip to the Brooklyn Bridge, and (crossing fingers) it looks like clear weather too! For reading, we are working on a new Book Club system. In writing, we are getting ready to do a Take 2 on Information Writing. In social studies, we started learning about the Brooklyn Bridge! As well, we had...
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March 8 — 15 miles on the Erie Canal

Music with Eyal Students have been learning a new song on the xylophone! 3rd Grade Music Hebrew with Ilana This week the third grade learned the song “Tamid Nishar Ani” – “Always Being Myself”. In the song there are adjective words and opposite words. The students practiced writing sentences, find the opposite word, and worked on comprehension of the song. Also they had conversation about themselves using the opposite feelings and then answering questions in writing. On Monday they will have quiz on the vocabulary. Here is the link for the song: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=rwSCm-bcVwQ Shabbat Shalom Judaic Studies with Aliza  This...
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February 15, 2019 — The Fall of New Amsterdam

General Studies with Hilary WRITING: Throughout the end of January and into February, we have worked on coming up with a topic for persuasive speeches. Some students chose to write about people others should know about, such as our moms and great grandfather. Others chose to write about aspects of school that should be changed, such having more homework; having less homework; being more productive in a warmer climate; and tables in the lunch room. This week, the focus has been on the physical look of our paragraphs, as well as including strong, personal examples in our speech. Third Graders...
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February 1 — Exploring the Arts

Music with Eyal Something to warm you up in this freezing weather:) Here is a fun video of 3rd graders learning a new chord and a new song on the Ukulele. The song is called, “Put the Lime in the Coconut” Click here to see the video!  Art with Iviva Students have been working on Tu B’Shvat collages. Here are some pictures of them in action. General Studies with Hilary Dear Third Grade families, Happy February! We are gradually returning to our full third grade selves after a week of colds and flus. We hope you all a healthy start...
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