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October 20, 2017

Full Week of School!

Simchat Torah and Intro to Chumash In honor of Simchat Torah we took a closer look at the school’s torah. We compared it to the small torah that we have in our classroom. Ask your child about the similarities and differences that they noticed. We also watched a movie about a soferet, a scribe, and to learn more about how she writes a torah. Lastly we connected our studies of the torah as a ritual object, to the study of Chumash which we are beginning this year in second grade. The students are so excited to discover this new subject...
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Weeks 5, 6, and 7: October 2nd – October 20th

Advisory We have been using advisory to help students prepare for the high school placement process, specifically how to handle themselves in an interview setting.  Students worked in pairs and small groups simulating interview questions and responds. Hebrew Dear parents, This week we finished the review unit, culminating with a quiz on adjectives. Next, we started again our Neta books from last year. HaKbatza Aleph is studying book 3, Unit 5 on learning and teaching. HaKbatza  Bet is starting the program from book 2, Unit 7 on trips. For the next two weeks, the students will devote two days a...
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We’re Back on Track with a Busy Full Week

Dear Third Grade Families, What a whirlwind of a first full week in October! Our Third Graders were ready to jump right into the flow of school, and were focused and dedicated workers all week. Over the last couple weeks we started working in partnerships across three of our subject areas. They include: Social Studies → We partnered together in order to create a definition AND draw a picture of a specific landform or waterform that can be found in New York State. In our group, we had to decided the important characteristics that define each specific water- or landform...
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October 16th – 20th

Judaic Studies This week the 7th grade completed our study of our unit on Mishna Yoma. To prepare for our end of unit quiz, students created amazing review activities for each other online — from Kahoots to Who Wants to Be A Millionaire to Pacman! We also began our study of the book of Bmidbar/Numbers. Students looked at the first 3 verses: God commands Moshe and Aharon to count all the men who are over 20 and capable of fighting. But surely God is capable of saying how many of those men there are — this seems like unnecessary labor!...
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We’re Back!

Hi 5th Grade Community! We are so excited to update you on what has been going on in 5th grade these past few weeks. Our students have not only progressed wonderfully in their classes; they also have participated in a few thrilling events, including our amazing NYC Challenge and our super fun Simchat Torah celebration. We hope you enjoy reading our updates, and we look forward to seeing you on November 9 for Parent-Teacher Conferences. Judaics -Maya “This week on Monday and Tuesday we prepared for a shuk in our classroom by making slide shows of one of the four...
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6th Grade News: 10/16-10/20/17

HUMANITIES Our first full week back after the many holidays was a productive one, now that we have more time to really dig into the material. In Writing class, students wrapped up their final drafts of their narrative essays, in which they all told true stories of obstacles in their lives. They spent some time peer-editing as part of the writing process, which allowed them simultaneously to learn more about their peers’ lives while also gaining valuable writing tips. In Literature class, students finished reading The Epic of Gilgamesh. The final chapters sparked sophisticated discussions and questions: Did Gilgamesh reach his goals? Did he find true fulfillment...
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Sukkot, Simchat Torah and Back to Regular Schedule

Dear Kindergarten Families, We had an exciting first full week of school! Our kindergartners feel really comfortable, confident and engaged with their friends and learning activities. In English Language Arts, we learned the letter E and the sound /e/ it makes (like in /egg/). We practiced forming upper and lowercase letters Ee using Handwriting Without Tears books, wooden planks, dry erase boards and wiki stix. We encouraged the children to draw pictures of things that begin with letters D and E and try to label their pictures. We worked on Words Their Way spelling activities practicing beginning sounds M, L,...
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First Grade: Week of October 16th

We had a fun and productive full week in first grade!   First grade writers are almost ready to publish their small moment stories. This week we studied the book “Night of the Veggie Monster” by George McClements to try and see how he makes his writing exciting. We noticed that he uses ellipses to build excitement and tells exact motions to help the reader make a movie in her mind. We also picked out stories to publish. We revised them on Thursday, and will start to edit on Monday.   In Math we are working on addition. First graders...
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Back to a Five-Day Week

Hello Fourth Grade Families!  Thank you all for coming to the Sukkot Parent Breakfast and for praying together with us last week. It feels like it’s been such a long time since we had a five day week of school! As we get back into the full schedule and the days get colder, we would like to remind parents to send kids to school dressed in layers. Unless it’s raining, recess is always outdoors, and we want our students to keep warm. We hope you have a restful weekend, and we’re looking forward to next week. Shabbat Shalom! -The Fourth...
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