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September 15, 2017

Second Week of Second Grade

Community Building In class we reflected on what we would like to learn more about, improve on, or try this year. We called these our “hopes and dreams” and when we shared our hopes and dreams we realized that there were many different goals such as, “Speaking more Hebrew”, “Learning division”, “Reading longer books”, and “Making more friends”. We then brainstormed classroom rules to help us accomplish our goals. We organized the rules into three categories: rules that have to do with the classroom, yourself, and others. We learned that as a community we need to work together to support...
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Week 2: Monday, September 11th – Friday, September 15th

Advisory:  This week in advisory, the eighth graders prepared to perform at the first tekes of the year.  Their songs and raps about each of their nine years as members of the Hannah Senesh community was a whirlwind journey filled with warmth and humor.  It certainly set the tone of a year of full of fun and engaging leadership.   Art: Eighth grade students began the year with color theory. This second week of school they began painting, learning to mix color with acrylic paints. Hebrew: Dear parents, This week the students were busy making short videos talking about what...
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September 11 – 15

JUDAIC STUDIES Seventh graders were on a hunt for the origins of Rosh haShana this week, tracing its development through the Torah, the Mishna and the Machzor (the Rosh haShana prayerbook). We discovered that there are multiple ideas of what Rosh haShana is about: it’s a day of judgement and a birthday party for the world; it’s one of the holiest days of the year and it’s barely mentioned in the Torah, and just one of 4 new years described in the Mishna. Seventh graders also explored the different ideas of the relationship between human beings and God described in...
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6th Grade News: 9/11 – 9/15/17

HUMANITIES This week in Literature we began our new book, The Epic of Gilgamesh. We looked into the story’s background (or the “story of the story”), and read about its origin as an ancient myth. The tale was found written on buried tablets from ancient Mesopotamia, the civilization that we will begin studying in History class in the coming weeks. In fact, Gilgamesh’s story is one of the oldest pieces of western literature still around today. As students read, they are keeping track of themes such as Heroism, Death v. Immortality, and Strength v. Weakness, and searching for examples of...
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Our First Full Week of 5th Grade!

What an amazing first full week of 5th grade! We are so excited to share our week with the Hannah Senesh Community, and we hope everyone has a wonderful weekend. Shabbat Shalom! HUMANITIES: The 5th graders were truly tested this week in Humanities, both with challenging material and the new realities that come with being a middle school student. I am happy to say they rose to the challenge every day! In Writing, students started their Personal Narrative Unit by choosing small moments from their lives to develop into full narrative stories. In reading, students read more short stories, learned about...
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First Grade News

It’s hard to believe this is only our second week of school! First graders have already written multiple stories, worked in their new math workbooks, and learned many of our classroom routines. We started handwriting this week. First graders have learned “magic c,” “o,” and “s.” We call the letter “c” magical because it can be turned into the letters o, d, a, g, and q. First grade writers are writing small moment stories: stories that zoom in on a particular moment in their lives. We’ve learned the first four steps of our writing process: think of an idea, plan,...
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A Busy Second Week

Dear Third Grade Families, Can you believe that we just finished our first full week of school! Before you know it, it will be June and your students will be ready for Fourth Grade. There were many activities we worked on this week. Some you will see on Monday, September 18, during “Back to School Night,”. One such activity was writing about our academic hopes and dreams for Third Grade. As a group, we came together to talk about different aspects of ourselves we hope to strengthen. Some of the things we discussed were being able to quickly come up...
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Our First Full Week of Kindergarten

Dear Kindergarten Families, We have completed the first full week of Kindergarten! It’s such a pleasure to see the smiling faces of our students in the morning, budding friendships and more confidence in finding their way around the school! We are continuing to practice our classroom routines and rules, making friends and learning each other’s names. In Language Arts, we began learning the Alphabet by introducing letter A a, and the sound /a/ it makes, as in apple. The children practiced making letter A with wooden sticks, play dough, writing it on dry erase boards and with shaving cream. We...
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The First Full Week

Hello Fourth Grade Families! It was a whirlwind of a first full week here at Hannah Senesh. Fourth graders got to demonstrate their leadership skills during lunch by leading the Lower School in Birkat Hamazon, and got to meet their new Kindergarten Buddies. We hope you all enjoy Rosh Hashanah next week and have a sweet New Year! Shabbat Shalom! -The Fourth Grade Team PEEK AT NEXT WEEK: Monday, September 18 – Back to School Night Wednesday, September 20-Friday, September 22 – Rosh Hashanah, NO SCHOOL     HEBREW with Ilana: This week the 4th grade worked om their ID...
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