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March 5, 2020

Kindergarten Newsletter

Hello Families, This week we fancied up our books to prepare for our bookstore!  We learned how to make our books even better by re-reading our words closely and revising using special colored pens.  We added punctuation, uppercase letters, more sentences, and crossed out things we want to change. We also colored and added covers to our books. Our Piggie and Elephant journal was started by Aviv and Boaz last weekend and will be continued by Brandon and Asher this weekend.  We all enjoyed hearing their adventures they had and were impressed by how hard they worked on their writing!...
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March 5

General Studies with Dawn Fourth Graders have been busy and very engaged with the Revolutionary War, decimals, and our service project at the Brooklyn Autism Center. Read on to learn more! Once again writing and social studies are integrated as each student is writing a report about the Revolutionary War. Each report has four sections. The first section is an overview of the war, the second section is about an important person or event in the war or leading up to the war, the third section zooms in on an aspect of that person or event, and the last section...
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6th Grade News 2/10 – 3/6/20

Humanities:  In humanities classes these past few weeks, we’ve wrapped up a few different units and projects. Firstly, students revised, peer-edited, and turned in their ancient Rome research essays. These essays represent weeks of research, writing, and hard work; students should be proud of all the learned and accomplished! Soon, we’ll hopefully create a physical project related to our research topics, and we’ll be able to share those projects with parents. In the meantime, ask your child to show you their research essay and ask about what they learned! You might ask: What is the most interesting or surprising thing...
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March 6, 2020

Humanities In ELA, we’ve been continuing to read and analyze short stories in a variety of genres. I have loved using classic texts like “The Tell-Tale Heart” and “The Lottery” to expand students’ concepts of short stories. Their freewrites based on stories like “Seventh Grade” by Gary Soto and “Amigo Brothers” by Piri Thomas were thoughtful and funny, incorporating dialogue and conflict. Students will be writing their own short stories over the next week and a half. In social studies, we are beginning to examine both the early Middle Ages, as well as elements of the Facing History curriculum. Facing...
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Happy Purim from 8th Grade!

Humanities This week in ELA, students are beginning our 8th Grade unit on Elie Weisel’s Night. Throughout the next 5 weeks, students will explore the essential question “How do one’s circumstances and experiences of trauma shape their identity?” Using the idea of the Universe of Obligation, students will work through the difficult terrain of choice in the face of absolute horror and devastation. I must admit that this is a particularly difficult text to teach, but as always, I am impressed with the 8th grader’s sensitivity and nuanced understanding of complex readings. In Social Studies, students are exploring key concepts...
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