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Kindergarten Newsletter

Hello Families,

This week we fancied up our books to prepare for our bookstore!  We learned how to make our books even better by re-reading our words closely and revising using special colored pens.  We added punctuation, uppercase letters, more sentences, and crossed out things we want to change. We also colored and added covers to our books.

Our Piggie and Elephant journal was started by Aviv and Boaz last weekend and will be continued by Brandon and Asher this weekend.  We all enjoyed hearing their adventures they had and were impressed by how hard they worked on their writing!

In reading, we worked on our pattern power where we focused on when patterns change in books and what powers we use to help us figure out words in a different order or new words.  We also put together mixed up sentence puzzles to practice looking for uppercase letters in the beginning of the sentence and punctuation at the end.  We also reviewed the letter X (Mabel’s Mom Beatrix came to visit), and explored vowels.

Shabbat Shalom,

The K Team