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Second Grade Blog

First Full Week!

Working Hard in Second Grade We started the first  full week of second grade with a puppet show with Karen. The second graders were so excited to see the puppets and to learn that they too have “started second grade this year”. Through a story from the puppets, the students explored the idea of what to do when something is challenging. Why should we not just give up, and how can we push ourselves to keep going. Students had the chance to share about something that they find challenging, and to think about how they learned to do it anyway. This...
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Sukkot Trip, Social Learning

Writing In Writing Workshop we studied authors who have written meaningful small moment stories. We read the story Owl Moon by Jane Yolen, and noticed how she described this one night of owling and stretched it over so many pages! We got to writing our small moment narratives, using ideas from our decorated writing folders, and studying Jane Yolen’s writing to help us stretch our stories. With our writing buddies we talked about our ideas, brainstormed ways authors decide on their small moments, and shared our writing. We can’t wait to read The Leaving Morning by Angela Johnson next week...
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Community Building

Community Building The first two weeks of school we began building our classroom community through playing games to learn about each other, practicing new routines, and discussions about how to make our classroom a place where everyone can learn their best. We played “our favorites” game, where we learned each other’s favorite ice cream flavor, hobbies, and more. We played a team building game where in small groups students had an elastic with pieces of strings attached. The objective of the game was to stack cups using on the strings and elastic- no hands on the cups allowed! Following this...
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Welcome to Second Grade!

On the first day of school, please send your child with: –  A dairy or pareve morning snack –  A dairy or pareve lunch (unless your child is signed up for school lunch) –  Water bottle labeled with name –  Spare change of clothing in a labeled plastic bag to be kept in child’s locker for the remainder of the year as needed No need to send your child with other school supplies as everything they need will be provided. Dismissal Procedure: We are responsible for the dismissal of your children and will be maintaining the bus and dismissal lists for your child’s class. Please send all communication regarding dismissal, bus...
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